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Things To Make You More Relaxed & Comfortable for $28 (or less)

Has anyone ever wanted to be less comfortable? Probably not, and if you answered ‘yes’ to that, you are probably lying.

One of the great human traits is that we want our lives to be comfortable. We want them to be easy. Even the people who make themselves work incredibly hard, with long hours and endless tasks, do that in order to make the rest of their life easier.

We want to be comfortable, and the items below will help with that.


Price: $17.39

Perfect for laying down for a snooze in the office while Ethel in accounting begins telling you for the fourteenth time that story about her adult son falling off the roof.

With a spot to lay your arm and a hollow breathing zone to allow for better breathing, this pillow is perfect for naps, anytime and anywhere.


Price: $13.02

We love our pets, but they sometimes do dumb things, like falling into frozen ponds and playing in the snow until they can no longer feel their paws.

With 9 different heat settings, the Pet Heating Mat can be used to warm your dog (or yourself) throughout the night or thaw your cat after diving into an icy pond.


Price: $28.94

We all just want someone to hold at night. But what if, instead of an actual person to hold, we want a life-sized pillow adorned with the image of our favorite anime character? You do you.

While you need to supply the character yourself, this 150x50m pillow is the perfect snuggle size.


Price: $2.06

Nothing quite says “I am having a mid-life crisis at the young age of 23 and desperately wish I was alive during the 1980s” like some faux-fur pillow covers.

Toss these over your throw pillows and watch your friends brush them to their heart’s content!


Price: $4.06

Look, we all love house plants and the beauty they and their baskets can bring to our cramped apartments, and you may be thinking “that hanger is really nice, but I can make it myself.”

Look again. Look at how complicated it is. Just spend the money, it will save you endless hours of reworked knots and uneven strings.


Price: $14.67

Unfortunately, this shaggy throw blanket does not have a massive picture of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo to really tie your Mystery Machine-themed room together.

Fortunately, it is incredibly warm and comfy.


Price: $8.80

“It’s like a party for my feet and everyone is invited,” said nobody, ever.

But you’ll be saying it after you try this device, which stimulates the feet and lower legs, aids with recovery, and increases blood flow.


Price: $6.15

Shaped and designed to stay cold in even the hottest heat waves, this memory foam gel pillow will have you forgetting about how you ever struggled to get good sleep. (see what I did there?)


Price: $12.69

If your own thoughts haunt you, this is the perfect machine to get through the night. For use with babies, children, or adults, this machine creates peaceful white noise to allow for better, more restful nights of sleep.


Price: $18.61

Is there anything more peaceful than the thought of having the entire sun located directly in your room? Physics and spontaneous-combustion-related deaths aside, it does sound pretty nice as a way to wake up.

Luckily, this alarm clock only simulates the natural light of sunrise during your alarm, and not the face-melting heat associated with it.


Price: $4.50

You know how the old saying goes: “There is a romantic in all of us, but a candle in none of us.” Well, none of us except Dan, who needed his candle removed in the emergency room. But for the rest of us, luckily these candles are there on the outside to help us have the perfect evening with our loved one(s).


Price: $4.99

Coming in a variety of colors, this air humidifier is perfect for the person on the go. Large, clunky air humidifiers are for 1980’s kids with asthma. This humidifier has a chic look and is as portable as you are.


Price: $3.86

Finally, someone selling essential oils who actually graduated from high school and who does not have a discount code in their Instagram bio. This 6-pack is perfect for heated or atomized aromatherapy diffusers.


Price: $15.99+

With 5 meters of LED light, this can instantly turn any room into a TikTok haven. Fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, the lights can change color and be turned on or off with a simple voice command.


Price: $11.79

While it may seem like a simple light socket, this little guy is so much more. I have emailed Pixar about making a heartwarming movie about it several times -no reply 😢

The Smart Socket can be used with Alexa or Google Assistant to control energy use, set schedules, and so much more. All with simple voice commands.


Price: $11.79

Perfect for those people who somehow wake up more sore and tired than they were when they went to bed.

Incredibly portable and comfy, the memory foam leg pillow rests easily between your legs or under your legs, allowing you to preserve your sleep.


Price: $17.82

Have you always wanted to fall asleep while floating around in the ocean, but without all of the drowning and shark-related dangers associated with it? This is your chance.

The Ocean Wave Projector is fully remote controlled and guaranteed to help you drift off to sleep.

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MOST WISHED items that people lose their minds over – Part 1

We've done best-selling, most interesting and under a certain $-price point. But what about most-wished items? The ones that have wishlisted 9,999 times or more?

Things that thousands of people obsess over. Items that you probably see in your dreams. Products that you wish you had for yourself. Deals that seem so good, that you probably doubt if they can even really exist.

Well, here they are. This is part 1, and there is a few more in our shop section (under Most Wished).



Price: $14.40

Dear, be the coolest gamer in the room with this colorful light-up keyboard.

Sure you’re all by yourself in the room, in the dark, with no one to show, but, you know what I mean. Add some personality to your intense set up with this Retro Round Glowing Keyboard, friend.

This keyboard comes in a variety of colors (and languages: English and Russian) to cater to your ultimate gaming experience. This is an item definitely worth showing off to your friends – if you had any – but you don’t because you’re a gamer sitting alone in the dark shopping for colorful keyboards. 


Price: $14.59+

Okay, why is this the coolest lamp ever?

Whether it’s for you, or some child who cannot appreciate the sheer out-of-this-world awesomeness of this lamp, this night light is a must-have.

1. It’s got combustion, 2. it’s got a rocket, 3. it brings light,

what more could you want? You can choose 2 different figures as well, at varying prices of course.

Whoever said science isn’t cool, has obviously never seen this lamp.


Price: $1.75

If you’re a respectable Star Wars fan, you need to snag a pair of these socks.

Not only will they keep your feet warmer than Mustafar, but you’d probably become the most respected geek in the galaxy. At $1.34 a pair, you can’t go wrong – just like Qui-Gon Jinn putting his faith in little Anakin Skywalker.

You even have a choice of your favorite character, they have Yoda (with 3D ears even!) to Darth Vader.

It is finally the time to decide between the light or the dark side 😈😇


Price: $5.02+

If you’re looking for a plush toy that has a better body than Kim Kardashian, check out this cute avocado cushion pillow.

This toy comes in various sizes from 30 to 60 cm, and regardless of what size you choose, it will still have bigger humps than your girlfriend.

Seriously, have you ever seen such a fine avocado? Not only is this toy oddly and unnecessarily attractive, but it’s huggable, smiles at you, and is quiet: everything that your significant other isn’t.

This purchase could be a suitable replacement for your partner.


Price: $17.06

Why this umbrella hasn’t been invented sooner is a good question.

It’s just like any other umbrella, though rather than close the usual way, it closes inversely. Which, as it turns out, is much more convenient.

To prove my point, just picture a rainy day and a gust of wind catches your umbrella, suddenly your umbrella is inside out and useless. Not with this model though. In this instance, the wind is just closing the umbrella. How convenient!

And then when you go inside your house, you won't have to worry about the raindrops – and not only because the rain is outside, but also because the they will stay inside the umbrella once it is folded.

At $17.06 and in a variety of colors, you won’t regret making this purchase.


Price: $3.65

Remember when that dick Billy popped your balloon animal at the middle school fair? Your heart broke. The poor puppy didn’t stand a chance against Billy’s grubby hands.

Luckily you can relive the joy of having the balloon animal by purchasing this desk ornament. This sculpture in the shape of a super cute (in its own way) doggy balloon animal could stand against the wrath of Billy and last much longer than a balloon.

This figurine comes in 5 different colors, and can serve as a reminder that in the end, you always get what you want.


power bank

Price: $9.49+

So this isn’t the cutest thing on the list but it sure is the most practical. This tiny portable power bank will be there for you more than your parents.

It can fit in any small bag and keep your gadget charged when you’re in a pinch.

This charger has a 10,000 mAh capacity, 2 USB ports for optimal charging, and an optional digital display updating you on its charge percentage.

You can’t go wrong with this as a backup power source.


Price: $11.55

Use this fingerprint lock to keep people out of your goodies or your life.

No one can open this strong padlock but you because of its unique fingerprint scanner. No keys. No Bluetooth. No code, just your finger. This zinc alloy lock is perfect for anyone with trust issues.

Have faith that your most prized possessions will be safe with this padlock guarding it. I mean, if someone really had to break in they’d have to cut your finger off, and how likely is that to happen?…

*awkward laughs*


Price: $49.87

Okay, so you’re shopping for an archery bow – that’s not sketchy at all.

Regardless, this bow is for the elite right-handed people of the world. For under $50, you can’t beat the price either.

This bow performs well in both outdoor and indoor environments for whatever activity you plan on participating in: like target practice or getting ready for the Hunger Games.

However you use it, just make sure not to poke your eye out. 


toilet organizer

Price: $4.63+

The future is here and it’s holding your toilet paper in the cutest fashion. Check out this wall-mounted bathroom organizer to keep all your bathroom needs organized and sanitary.

This waterproof wall mount comes in a variety of colors and will add a polished look to any grimy bathroom. It has a compartment for toilet paper and additional space for any other toiletry essential you need at the ready. 

It can even act as a shelf to hold your most valuable possessions as you’re taking a dump!

We have a few more products with 9,999+ wishlist adds here. More are added every week!

10 Innovative and interesting gadgets

In this post we are going to see a brand new compilation of unique products from AliExpress that we have selected for you. We have added products at all price points from as low as $1 to up to $100, so expect a various, but a comparable level of innovation.

We hope you enjoy them!


Price: $17.99

Here is another item by Xiaomi: a wireless charging dock with a portable little nightlight. The light also does not need to be plugged in to charge – just put it in its dock. This light comes with a magnet and it can be attached to metallic surfaces.

What I thought was interesting about it is the fact that it has a built-in object detection, which will power it off if it comes in contact with sharp metallic objects, to avoid getting shocked if the wire is cut by accident – a pretty useless thing unless you live with Edward Scissorhands, but an interesting addition nonetheless.


Price: $2.44

Another unique household item is this deer keyholder that can make a great gift for a unique home decor aficionado.

The holder comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.


Price: $44.50 – 129.49

This is a fully customizable smart wall light. It is compatible with Amazon Echo, i.e. Alexa, and with Google Home, which means you can control it with voice.

There are two options, a more expensive Xiaomi, which is triangle-shaped, and a generic no-name version, which is in the shape of a hexagon and is a fair bit smaller than the Xiaomi ones.

These things are pretty sweet, you can set the color, the mode with which the colors change, you can also set the time when it turns on and off, preset the mood settings, and the best part is when it is setup properly and when you are done with it you can just tell turn it off, and it will comply.


Price: $14.35

The second product is a big mousepad that comes with extra entertainment features.

It’s said that all that glitters is not gold, but this RGB LED mousepad is definitely an exception. I just got mine and it’s awesome. My workstation now looks like a spaceship with the LED strip running on the outer edge of the table, a backlit mechanical keyboard, LED mouse, a few LED’s inside the PC case, and now – this.

The mousepad has 13 different lighting modes, between which you can switch by clicking the button on the side. It comes with a pretty long braided cable, but you can use any micro-USB cable that you have at your disposal. Material-wise it isn’t any different than a regular standard pad, except that it has a flexible light strip goes all the way around the edge. 


Price: $8.46

As we all know, newer iPhones only come with one port that serves for both charging or data sync and for earphones, but when you need to do both at the same time, you are left with nothing but sour disappointment, which is not something you expect after paying over a $1000 for a device that is supposed to be a pinnacle of technology.

An elegant solution easily attaches to the back of your phone with the fancy nano-washable glue, and it comes with a ring holder that doubles as a stand and is compatible with magnetic card holders.

The chip inside optimizes the sound output for your earphones that reduces static noise to an absolute minimum.


Price: $42.93

Sunglasses with Bluetooth.

Why, you may ask, and it would be a reasonable question. But the answer might surprise you.

They have built-in bone conductive speakers, which means that they transfer the sound by coming into direct contact with your temples. You can listen to music and answer and make calls when pairing them with your phone – according to feedback the sound is very strong.

When being used indoors others can hear your music, although it is not a big issue, as sunglasses are generally not used indoors, unless your name happens to be Chad or Kyle.


Price: $46.63

Here is a really cool speaker concept.

This speaker uses the surface that it is placed on as a massive speaker – similar technology as the bone-conductive sunglasses, albeit on a much larger scale as the speaker is stronger.

There is a Bluetooth mode which does not require any wires, or if you wish to conserve the battery or use it with an audio source that does not support it, you can use a simple AUX cable. If you happen to have more than one of these speakers, you can use them in a sequence for a greater result – i.e. for more loudness.


Price: $11.45

Smartphone gaming is a big thing (especially in developing countries, where gaming PCs are just too expensive for most people).

if you find that controlling the game is not as comfortable or if you require better range of controls, or if you are more used to a console setting, here is an external gamepad.

The brackets are adjustable up to 10 inches, so it can be used with both smartphones and tablets, although the tablets can only fit if you use them vertically.


Price: $0.96

Another cheap item is a household towel socket.

It comes with a pre applied double-sided adhesive tape. Also pretty simple to use, place it anywhere you need it, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, and insert the towel or rubber gloves into it so that they are always somewhere handy.


Price: $2.29

Here is a cheaper item, a 25-piece set of shrink tubes for remotes.

No longer do you need to worry about making the remote wet by accidental spills, or dirty from Cheetos dust. It is really easy to use, just put it over the remote, cut off the excess plastic, and heat it with a heat gun or a handheld hairdryer.

If it rips, there is a plenty of them to serve as a replacement.

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MEGAPOST! 50 Home Products under $10 + Money saving tip

If you like saving money and getting things for real, real cheap, you came to the right place – but you already knew that. In this post we are going to see not 20, not 30, but 50 products for home for $10 or less.

In the end I will also share tips on how to not get overcharged on AliExpress ever again.

Wireless charging mat

Imagine coming home and just dropping your gadgets onto a mat and having them charge up without plugging them in. This is truly some 21st century stuff. Wireless power banks are cool and all, but this is on another level.

The pad is made out of PU leather , has a single-layer stitching all around and can charge your QI-enabled smartphone by transferring the power that it gets through the USB cable that it is connected to.

Lint remover

A lint remover is used for removing the annoying curling fabric pieces from clothing, making them look more new and fresh. I have one and it’s pretty handy, and I get a lot of use out of it.

This is an updated version, with the unusually shaped tip, which oddly enough was my high-school swimming team nickname. The C-shaped tip makes it easier to use as it collects the lint from more directions.

Avocado huggers

Avocados contain a high amount of nutritious goodness, more potassium than bananas, fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids. Having one of these bad boys a day may prevent the risk of getting prostate cancer. So, you should consider eating more of them.

But half-eaten ones with time tend to brown, which affects its looks and taste. To avoid this, there are these stretchy silicone avocado huggers. You get two pieces, one that covers the piece with the pit, and one for the piece without it.

Door hooks

Door hooks to hook things on the door to be more space-efficient. 78 Cents gets you 2 pieces.

Chalkboard stickers

Here are chalk stickers to label your spices, putting dates on your jars of pickles and to be able to tell your kids apart if you have too many.

Cable protectors

Cable protectors if you already have cables that you care about that are under the risk of being damaged, which applies to all cables really. These clip on and protect the wire from bending at an unnatural angle to stay alive for longer, just like a Nigerian prostitute.

Beard comb

Bearded people, keep your prized possession looking sharp with this stylish peach wood comb. It even comes with its own carrying case as a bonus.

Peach wood comb

There is a bigger option, that also costs a hilarious amount of money. To me this comb looks a lot more expensive than it really is. Now if you think that wooden combs look cool, check out the related products. They are pure work of art. I have spent a good 20 minutes looking at all the different ones in detail.

Infant thermometer

Here is a non-intrusive thermometer to check your infant’s temperature. As you might know, at a certain age the kids can’t talk, so it’s hard to tell what’s wrong with them, and with a thermometer like this a few options can be excluded.

Reinforced tip cable

Here is a cable that has a reinforced tip that will prevent it from prematurely breaking on you. There are options for the three major types: micro USB, USB type-C and iPhone cable. Cables are the most popular first-time purchase on AliExpress, so if you are yet to experience its wrath, this is the item for you.

Cute butt bookmarks

Another option for bookmarks is these cute butts. There are options for a cat, dog, hamster and fox. There are over 2,000 orders on this listing.

Smartphone holder

Here we have a very cheap smartphone or a tablet holder for the times when you want to watch something on your phone but your hands are occupied with something else.


Tweezers usually cost between 7 and 45 dollars at makeup stores, depending on the brand. But the reality is, most things are already made in China and resold with high markups. So why not give a try to these 50 cent ones? The loss is going to be minimal, and if they end up being good, well – then you have a pair of good tweezers.

The thing is, they don’t look like cheap tweezers, they look just like the ones I see being sold in stores. This listing has over 5,000 orders and predominantly good feedback.

Flappy bird thing

This flappy bird thing is by far the most useless thing from this episode. You twist it around so that the rubber part wraps around the middle, and, when released, the bird thing flies away. Tested it in the Gearbest $1 things video.

Bluetooth AUX dongle

If a car that you drive or happen to ride in doesn’t have Bluetooth or if the AUX cord is just too short to reach to the back seat, a cheap and convenient way to get around it, apart from getting a longer AUX cable is an inexpensive Bluetooth dongle.

164 Shrink tubes

If you fix your own things or do some minor cabling work, shrink tubes are what you would normally use to secure the place where the wires connect to prevent you and the water and other external elements from touching it.

100 Cable ties

Cable ties are very useful in many different applications around the household and in the garage. They can be used to hold things together, to offer temporary fixes that last as long as an permanent ones. They can be used as a simple key ring, as a luggage lock, drain snake, binder ring, for organizing cables, childproofing things, and much more.

Here you can get a 100-piece set of thin ones for less than $2.

Sealing tape

We are moving to more practical items. When the moisture gets under the creases and areas that are normally hard to reach, mould starts to cover them. This not only looks unpleasant, it creates a health hazard as if it gets in your lungs it can start spreading. To avoid this, you can use this sealing tape.

Pill box

A pill box in a shape of a suitcase. For no reason in particular I have a soft spot for small versions of regular things. The box, as expected, has multiple compartments for all your daily meds.

Wall stickers

If your walls are in a need of a makeover, or if you just want to add extra class to your home, here are these colourful wall stickers. They are sold in rolls, and each roll is 20 by 500 centimeters. There are 4 different designs in this listing, and a lot more in the product description and related products.

Ice-cream pillow

Let’s look at a couple of home decor things. These cute ice-cream pillows are a good addition to a guest room. Unlike the bigger pillows, these come pre-filled, so you can use them straight out of the packaging. The pillow is about 30 cm in size, which is around 1 foot for my American friends.

Donut pillows (actually, just pillow covers)

Another option for pillows is donuts. But donut let the picture fool you, as they donut come with fillers. From a simple glaze the picture looks like they do, but when you are doughing your due diligence, the product description will indicate that what you get is a pillow cover.

Headphone bookmarks

For the avid readers who haven’t yet made a switch to e-books, here is a headphone bookmark to keep track of wherever they left off in their hardcopies.

‘Neon' lights

These neon-like lights, like the one shown in the unboxing video from 2 weeks ago. Not actual neon lights, just an imitation – as actual neon ones are quite expensive. The lights work off 3 AA batteries, which means they won’t be limited to location next to a wall plug.

Model Nissan Skyline

1:60 Scale Nissan Skyline model with pretty god details for the cost, a good buy for someone who is into model classical cars. There is a plethora of other different models in the store.

50-Piece sticker set

Another good deal is this 50-piece set of stickers. These ones in particular are oriented at programmers and other IT professionals. The stickers are wear and water-resistant, and they can be reusable in a sense that they can be transferred from one place to another, although some loss of stickiness can be expected.

Spice clips

Door-mounted racks that are meant for spices. These racks will help you have all your spices readily available for consumption or immediate use right when you open the cabinet door, and some people also use them for bathroom needs, as in to put their bathroom items like toothpaste and lotions on them. Though, I suppose you can also use them to wipe with, I just can’t say if it would be very comfortable.

Nespresso pods

Even though the official stores accept the used pods for recycling, the Nespresso pods are still expensive and wasteful. If you own one of these machines, you may want to consider getting a reusable pod that can be reloaded with the coffee grinds of your choice.

OTG card reader

The next product is an OTG card reader with two male plugs: micro-USB and regular USB. It can be used to transform files between your smartphone and computer, or as a regular memory card reader. Supports the regular USB 2.0 protocol.

Screen shelf #1

A screen shelf is something that I have never thought about but when I saw it it made absolute sense. It latches onto the back of your display and lets you store miscellaneous items in a close proximity and in the line of sight, either for the easy reach or for not forgetting them when you leave.

Screen shelf #2

Here is a second version of the screen shelf, the one that attaches to the side or the bottom of the screen, which is more suitable for other smaller loose items.

Bloody bath mat

This mat changes the color to bloody red when you step on it with the wet feet, or for this matter when it comes into contact with water, and then goes back to white when it dries. Though calling it a bath mat is an overstatement, as according to the pictures and the feedback it is quite thin.

3-Piece bathroom set

Bathroom mat 3-piece set. One for keeping your legs from touching the cold floor when you get out of the shower, and one each for the toilet cover and for putting your feet on when you are releasing the kraken. There is a lot more different designs in the description and related products in the listing.

Animal hooks

These animal hooks will happily hold your coats, keys, jewelry and towels for you. There is a whole zoo to pick from, and you can mix and match them until you get the full cast of Madagascar. Since the weight of the things that you put on them might be an issue, they don’t come with the sticky pads, instead you attach them to the wall with nails and clip them on.

Sealing bag clip-on

Unless you sleep in a glass casket live with 7 dwarves, chances are that you aren’t using the whole package of food like beans and pasta, and you need to store them for the next time. And if you happen to drop or dislocate them the contents fall all over the floor which makes it at the very least unpleasant. With these sealing clip-on things the whole incident can be avoided.

Decontamination brush

If you boil your potatoes on high for too long, the water can start getting out and the pots get dirty on the bottom. But fear not, because there is this brush that will get all the grime off of your pots and pans so that they don’t look like you got them from a local dumpster.

Key tag

A key tag in a shape of the key that is actually is a gadget with 6 different functions.

Box for cotton swabs

A little box for the q-tips or any other cotton swabs, you cheap bastard.

Measurement tool

If you do any work that requires exact measurements, or for any other unrelated needs that may arise in the bathroom, here is a fancy ruler. The maximum length is 80mm, which should be plenty.

Safety lock

To avoid your little ones get into the spaces that they should’ve been, like they did at least 9 months ago, you need childproof locks. Here you can buy 10 of them for less than $3.

Furniture corner protectors

Here is another handy items for parents, corner protectors to reduce the damage caused to little humans by bumping into sharp corners. There are different shapes available for different occasions.

Newton pendulum toy

A classic Newton pendulum toy that every self-respecting high-ranking executive in the early 2000’s just had to have on their desk, now available to everyone.


A mousepad, the biggest size of which you can get for less than $10 with free faster e-packet shipping included in the price.

Headphone hook

A headphone hook with a sticky pad that attaches to the table. The edges are smooth so that they won’t damage the inner lining over time.

Knife sharpener

A knife sharpener that I would expect to cost much more. I really like the packaging style that these are sent in, which is minimalist cardboard boxes with simple pictures on them.

Bluetooth 5.0 receiver

If your receiving device does not have Bluetooth, or if you want to get the fastest transfer speed, here is a USB dongle that supports 5.0 protocol, which at the moment is the latest version.

Ice remover

If you live in a cold area where it snows often, a windshield ice remover is a handy thing to have. Case and point, AliExpress is the most popular E-commerce site in Russia, and there are over 11,000 orders in this listing. If you are in the US and want it even sooner, there is an option to have it shipped to you from a warehouse in the US.

X-acto knife

A small x-acto knife, so small that it might actually be safe for airports. Has a hole at the end for the keyring for the most hardcore unboxing enthusiasts.

Car air freshener

And here is a low-key car air freshener that mounts onto the AC grill. As much as I love those stupid tree ones, this is a more elegant solution.


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