15 Reasonably awesome things for $1 or less

An ancient Chinese proverb says “Good things aren't cheap, cheap things aren't good”. I find it ironic that most low-priced goods nowadays come from China.

We have prepared a new list of the moderately interesting $1 products of Q4 2017. It's hard to overhype cheap products, but these aren't your typical Dollar Store finds, so they are worth looking at. You can always find more cool things in our Shop section, which is be linked at the end of the post.

RGB light

Product link: http://ali.ski/mGrCE


Selfie light

Product link: http://ali.ski/vnZzP


Smartphone joystick

Product link: http://ali.ski/1AzSdR


Stylus pen+flashlight

Product link: http://ali.ski/7oL468


Wire velcro organizers

Product link: http://ali.ski/XPUR0g


Earphones case

Product link: http://ali.ski/vRGS9



Product link: http://ali.ski/jAvr9


Mushroom light

Product link: http://ali.ski/5ZLg5a


Key finder

Product link: http://ali.ski/MtiL02 (Bluetooth tag alternative http://ali.ski/AFbAZO)


Unicorn earphones

Product link: http://ali.ski/x2q9Yk


Tiny flashlight

Product link: http://ali.ski/QzG0b


Outdoor headlamp

Product link: http://ali.ski/bd1Zd


Type C to micro-USB adapter

Product link: http://ali.ski/DKhTc


Night light

Product link: http://ali.ski/avu74


Wire holder

Product link: http://ali.ski/-wFq2

LATEST ALIEXPRESS FINDS from our shop section

These are the latest product from our Shop section

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