Christmas / New Year / Winter Festive Decorations

The Christmas is coming, it is now less than 6 weeks away. To avoid line-ups and save time, I suggest to order your Christmas / winter festive supplies online  – I do, and I do not have a singe grey hair.

The majority of our Christmas decorations come from China anyway, so why not skip the middlemen, and buy direct? This will save you so much money! Go to AliExpress, if you want to get your Christmas decorations cheap.

For the Christmas lights I have added the note, whether it is a US plug or an EU plug.


Christmas / New Year / Winter Festive Decorations


Christmas trees

90 cm Christmas tree

Christmas tree 150 cm 5 ft

Price: $17.19 + shipping

120 cm tall – about 4 ft. It is best to get them before November, which is when they usually start increasing in price.

Purchase link:


60 cm Christmas tree

Christmas tree 60 cm 2 ft

Price: $6.23 + shipping

If the 150 cm/5 ft. is too big, or too expensive, there is a smaller option – 60 cm / 2 ft.

Purchase link:


30 cm Christmas tree

Christmas tree 20 cm 8 in

Price: $4.57

And as a last resort, if the 2 ft. is too big, or if you just don't want a large imitation of a dead tree taking a large chunk of you room, here is one that's just 1 ft. tall that you can fit almost anywhere.

Purchase link:


Christmas tree decorations

24-pack balls

24-Pack christmas deciration balls

Price: $2.48

Walmart sells similar ones (also 24-pack) for ~$14.00.

Purchase link:


12-piece bows


Price: $1.80

12 Pieces for $1.80, it should be an easy buying decision.

Purchase link:


30-piece snowflakes

30-Piece snowflakes

Price: $1.64

These snowflakes are sold in the pack of 30. There are 3 sizes available.

Purchase link:


6-piece santa

5-Piece Santa boxes decorations

Price: $0.58 / 6 pcs.

Purchase link:


Christmas lights

String lights (100 bulbs)

10-meter string lights

Christmas lights US plug warm white


These Christmas lights come with options for UK, American/Canadian, European and Australian type plugs. 8 color options.

The cords are very thin and light, so be careful with them. There are 12 color options.

Purchase link:


20-piece lamps

20 LED lamp lights

Price: $7.87 – 8.48

These tropical-style lights can be used not only during Christmas to soften up the mood in any room. They require 3 x AA batteries to run. There are 6 different color options to pick from.

Purchase link:


10 stars lights

10 Stars lights

Price: $5.99 – 9.74

Theses string star lights emit a very warm white light, and work off 2 x AA batteries; so that gives you more flexibility in using them.

Purchase link:


Store with christmas lights

Christmas store with lights

If you are looking to add more lights, take a look at this store – they may have what you need.



Christmas home decorations

Christmas stocking

Christmas stockings

Price: $1.25

After you buy all the gifts, you need somewhere to put them in, right?

Purchase link:


2-piece deer-shaped bags

2-Piece Deer Christmas bags

Price: $2.47

These deer-shaped Etsy-esque bags are pretty unique.

Purchase link:


Santa bags

Santa bags

Price: $1.26 – 3.36

There are 4 sizes to choose from. Ho-ho-ho!

Purchase link:


100-piece Christmas baggies for candy and small gifts


Price: $3.92 for 100 pcs.

Candy inside not included – just clear bags.

Purchase link:


Festive cutlery pouches


Price: 6.80 / 12 pcs. lot

Purchase link:


Large Christmas bag for gifts and candy

Large Christmas bags for candy : gifts

Price: $0.78

Purchase link:


Decorative tablecloth

Christmas tablecloth

Price: $8.66

Festive Christmas-y tablecloth for the clumsy guests to get dirty.

Purchase link:


Christmas toilet seat covers :^)

Christmas Toilet seat covers

Price: $2.48 – 2.98

Toilet seat winter festive covers.

Purchase link:


Wine bottle christmas sweater

Wine bottle decoration

Price: $1.29

If you are gifting someone wine, why not make it festive? It also comes with a tiny hat, too adorable!

Purchase link:


Christmas chair covers

Christmas chair covers

Price: $7.31 / 4 pcs.

Purchase link:


Christmas socks

Christmas socks red

Christmas socks brown

Christmas socks beige

Price: $1.99

Purchase link:

What is AliExpress?

During the Nov. 11 sale of 2015, AliExpress sold $14 billion worth of goods in one day: small electronics, clothes, smartphones, home decor items, which is more than the total of 2014's Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

An overwhelming majority of things that we buy are made in China. But when we buy them locally, we often pay 3-5, or sometimes up to 10 times what the product is worth. But before, to buy goods at these prices you needed to order a few thousands, and shipping was a nightmare. The success behind AliExpress is that it lets you contact suppliers in China directly, and shop through a simple and SSL-secured interface.



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