Old-school phones

Remember the time when the phones had buttons?

2000's Phones were pretty innovative. We had brick phones, flip phones, sliding phones, and phones that could rotate 360° to open – like Motorola Aura. Nokia was a champion in the innovation until iPhones came out. I am not sure what happened to Nokia after, but I was very surprised to find out that you can still buy the most iconic models.

If your grandma wants to stay mobile, but doesn't want one of 'em fancy smart telephones, a good old-school phone may be the way to go. Let's have a look.


Motorola RAZR V3i

(10 color options)

Motorola Moto RAZR V3i flip phone AliExpress

Price: $17.09 – 31.87

I had one of these (the ‘original' silver one), and it was the coolest phone ever: I could play with the flip all day long.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/-Nvqxn


Motorola KRZR K1

Motorola Moto KRZR K1 flip phone AliExpress

Price: $24.69 – 35.04

A longer and narrower version of a Razor V3.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/8z3U0f


Blackberry Curve 9360

(black / white)

Price: $44.99 – 51.49

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/9dfdx1


Blackberry Bold

(black / white)

Price: $74.88 – 93.63

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/q5NsF3


Sony Ericsson Walkman W995


Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman Original Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman phone

Price: $65.99 – 71.99

Back in my day, only the chosen ones had a phone that could also play music.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/UdpgnJ


Nokia N-Gage



Price: $34.19 – 37.04

A phone that looked like a video game console; which, ironically, was pretty shitty as a game console. But, as I remember, it was still ‘cool' to own one of these.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/PNO5vK


Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 phone AliExpress

Price: $13.73 – 17.28

A ‘virtually indestructible' iconic Nokia phone.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/TDvHA

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