Customizable personal gifts from AliExpress

What many people don’t realize is that on AliExpress you can get custom-made things.

It starts with more expensive clothing being fitted upon request – check the listing, or contact the seller for details, but it goes far beyond that.

So here are some customized personal gift things that you can get from AliExpress.

Custom-made photo pendants


Price: $1.65

Commemorate a small pendant with a picture of your loved one/ones. And nobody said that you can’t get one with your own best shot.

Purchase link:


Personalized name/title patches

Personalized name patch

Price: $3.98

Hint: it doesn’t have to be your name.

(you may have seen this item in the Geeky Items #9 list)

Purchase link:


Fully custom patches


Price: $Depends on the amount and design.

You can finally get your motorcycle gang logo on patches. Send your design over to the seller, and get a custom quote. The feedback on this listing is overwhelmingly positive.

Purchase link:


USB Flash drives with a custom logo


Price: $2.59 – 12.99

There are different sizes (up to 32GB) available, and you can get them with or without the box.

Purchase link:


Custom USB flash drives with a 3D hologram

Price: $12.34 – 43.69

These flash drives have a laser-printed image in them of whatever you wish. Price depends on the size of the flash drive (4 – 64GB available).

Purchase link:


Personalized flasks


Price: $6.04

There are 23 different design templates for you to customize. I couldn’t resist getting one for myself.


If you want to go even further, there is a fancy gift box option that also includes a funnel and 2 small cups for $10.70.


Purchase link:


Custom 108-piece puzzle


Price: $9.84

You can also put your family photo on a puzzle and make an evening out of putting it together.

Purchase link:


Custom prints on an actual canvas


Price: $4.60 – 15.89 (much cheaper than in-store printing, and on a canvas vs. paper).

Purchase link:


Custom made 5-piece pictures

Price: $11 – 100

The sizes in the listing are in cm. There are 3 different size packages, and options to add the frames.

Purchase link:


Handmade custom figurines


Price: $39 – 219

These are actually amazing value for what you pay for them. All you need to get one is to send the seller a few of your pictures, and to pick the color of your hair (8 choices are in the product listing).

Look at the feedback pictures – the details are amazing!

Purchase link:


Cheap Inexpensive fitted suits

Pictures from buyer feedback

Price: $69.99

AliExpress can actually get you a $70 fitted suit (with free shipping to most countries).

Several pictures from the feedback section show that the suits are indeed very well-made.

P.S.: I love how this dude has almost indistinguishable posture and facial expression in both pictures 😀

Purchase link:

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