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Customizable personal gifts from AliExpress

Last updated: June 7, 2024

What many people don’t realize is that on AliExpress you can get custom-made things.

It starts with more expensive clothing being fitted upon request – check the listing, or contact the seller for details, but it goes far beyond that.

So here are some customized personal gift things that you can get from AliExpress.

Custom-made photo pendants

Price: $1.65

Commemorate a small pendant with a picture of your loved one/ones. And nobody said that you can’t get one with your own best shot.

Personalized name/title patches

Price: $2.50

Hint: it doesn’t have to be your name.

Fully custom patches


Price: $Depends on the amount and design.

You can finally get your motorcycle gang logo on patches. Send your design over to the seller, and get a custom quote. The feedback on this listing is overwhelmingly positive.

Custom USB flash drives

Price: $2.50+ (depending on the USB capacity)

There are different sizes (up to 128GB) available. You can get them in different colours of the wood, and with or without the box.

Personalized flasks


Price: $6.04

There are 23 different design templates for you to customize. I couldn’t resist getting one for myself.


Custom puzzles


Price: $9.84

You can also put your family photo on a puzzle and make an evening out of putting it together.

Custom prints on an actual canvas


Price: $1.50-23 (depending on the size)

Much cheaper than getting it done at Staples, AND! it comes on an actual canvas – not paper.

So the colours last much longer without fading, and the quality just looks better overall.

Handmade custom figurines

Price: $46-343 (depending on size)

They can make pets or humans!

These are actually amazing value for what you pay for them. All you need to get one is to send the seller a few of your pictures.

As you can tell, each figurine is made individually.

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  1. This is one of your best posts (of the last weeks, not like EVER). Keep it up!

  2. Jacquelyn Page

    How does the ordering process work for custom items? Do you add items to the cart and then they contact you to see what you want?

    1. Hi! You place the order and send the customization request in the order notes. The seller will ship your order in accordance with your preferences 🙂

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