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Kitchen Gadgets for people with a good sense of humour

You like to laugh, I like to laugh, we all like to laugh. So why does being in the kitchen sometimes feel like a chore? Is it the knowledge that we need to actually make food, instead of just throwing in an Uber Eats order and waiting for food to be delivered?

Whatever the case, these products are sure to help put a smile on your face, put a laugh on your lips, and add some cheer into the kitchen.


cute steel sponge holder

Price: $4.63

You need a bath, but you also need to make food for yourself and your family. Well, you might as well let someone take a bath while you slave away in the kitchen, and that someone might as well be your pile of steel wool.

Steel wool has never looked comfier after a hard day of scouring metal surfaces, than on the head of a cartoon lady taking a bath.

Take a picture, you creep, it will last longer.


Price: $1.49

We’re putting the “muffin tops” back in muffin tops. That’s right, muffin tops-ception. So get some Blue Jean muffin cake molds to rightfully return your muffins their rightfully deserved tops.

These cake molds add an awesome element of fun to every muffin baking you take part in, no matter the flavour!


Price: $12.92

Everyone likes penguins.

If someone tells you they do not like penguins, run in the opposite direction, because they’re either willing to lie to your face, or you are talking to some sort of penguin-hating psychopath. You want neither of these people in your life.

These Penguin Egg Holders are awesome for those perfect hard-boiled eggs for your whole family.


Price: $0.95

Willing to sacrifice their small bodies to make sure your boiling water does not bubble over, these silicone lifts make overflowing pots a thing of the past.

Easy, durable, and hilarious.


Price: $3.55

Wait, you say to yourself, how do I get this tiny morsel of banana covered in that delicious melted chocolate, when the only thing nearby is that tiny piano?

Not a problem, I reply, delighted that my joke has worked. The keys in that tiny piano? They’re actually dessert forks.

We both laugh and eat delicious chocolate-covered desserts. Amazing.


Price: $2.62

Ants have long been the bane of picnic-goers everywhere.

Do you know what scares tiny ants? Much larger ants, who already have possession of your sandwiches. Tiny ants have tiny brains. They will not realize that those giant ants are made of plastic. You win.


Price: $3.58

If you ever wanted a tiny Charlie Chaplin to peel your veggies for you, now is the perfect opportunity. Didn’t want that? You got it anyway.


sponge drying rack

Price: $4.35

The sponges in your kitchen work hard. Give them some rest with their very own tiny beds.

Wait. Are they the mattress? Can they both be the mattress and the one sleeping on the bed?


Price: $2.12

Simply roll your deshelled hard-boiled egg along this cutter for a fun and cute cut. Then turn it around and slap a face on it. A tiny paper bag to cover the face, in case you don’t like it, is not included.


Price: $1.37

Simplicity is the future of plant watering, as my grandma always used to say.

With these adorable little fellas, you simply drop them over the side of a cupful of water, and they water themselves. If only fixing all your other problems was as easy.


Price: $4.70

This little panda has an overly large tongue and a heart to match – all the things that you could expect from a perfect life companion. Simply fill his dish with water and watch him water the plant on his back.


Price: $2.77

These tiny towel holders bring a small piece of your grandparents’ kitchen into your own. Nothing quite says “I cook because I like to eat” like a group of small bakers holding signs.


Price: $40.98

You know what they call a lazy cow? Beef.

This little cow wants to help – by holding your paper towels, toilet paper, or whatever you need her to hold. Hopefully, since these are kitchen accessories, that doesn’t end up being toilet paper.


cute shamoji rice paddle

Price: $2.09

These adorable rice paddles come in a variety of colors and are perfect for serving the rice of your dreams.


Price: $2.32

Everyone loves rubber chickens.

Everyone also loves the delicious taste of herbs in their soup, minus when they accidentally take a bite of a full leaf.

So what everyone is REALLY going to love, is a silicone chicken stuffed with herbs, which means no leaf biting for anyone!

(the seller says the material is food-safe)


Price: $2.63

Sumo wrestlers need a lot of calories, and therefore eat a lot of eggs. At some point, they are probably over 1% egg.

Well, these sumo wrestlers are 100% egg – try to beat that!


Price: $2.20

This Dessert Shovel puts a new meaning on the phrase “shoveling chocolate cake into your mouth.”


Kitchen Timer

Price: $11.56

What’s cuter than tiny, fancy versions of your regular kitchen appliances? The only answer is tiny, fancy versions of your regular kitchen appliances that also help you time your cooking.

Mysterious thing, time. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous.

Take your soup off the stove at the last chime. And if not, the consequences are too costly to discuss.


multi use kitchen magnet

Price: $1.91

Cute, fun magnets that are sure to make grabbing your keys and heading off to work before it is light out a little bit easier.


just one glass giant cup

Price: $24.15+

Now you can have just one glass AND get absolutely wasted at the same time! All of the fun, none of the emotional baggage.

Ok, maybe a little emotional baggage.

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