Digital watches with a unique way of showing time – Vol. 1

Since nearly everyone has a cell phone nowadays, the watches became less of a necessity, but more of a fashion accessory, and a sign of wealth – the more expensive they look, the bigger is the statement you are trying to make.


If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?

– Old British tonguetwister


There are a lot of really unique and unusual watches on AliExpress. I didn't want to oversaturate, and post all of them at the same time; so here are the first 3 from the many. To not be stealing MRNieNie‘s thunder (he's the watches connoisseur), I decided to focus only on the ones that have an unusual way of showing time.

If there is enough interest, I will make this into recurring series.

Ok, here they are!

Minimalist binary touchscreen watch

Minimalist binary watches

Price: $10.50

Minimalist binary LED watches. To see the time, you need to tap the front once. To adjust the time, hold the screen for 6 seconds. See the item description to better understand how they operate.

Check them out here:

Faceless LED watch

Price: $3.49 – 3.85

It may appear as this if this was a regular tasteless metallic bracelet, an eyesore from the Liberace House Of Crap, but if you look closely you can see that the blue markings actually show time. Marvelous!

P.s.: There is a cheaper listing, but with no feedback.

Check them out here:

Watches that will make you work for it first

Digital watch with a unique way of showing time 2 Digital watch with a unique way of showing time

Price: $11.19

There are two color options, silver and black; with 2 or 3 light rows. I am having a hard time understanding how they work, and how to tell time using these, but you get to pompously roll your eyes each time someone asks you how to use them.

Check them out here:

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