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DIVOOM TIMEBOX: More than your average Bluetooth speaker

A few weeks ago I have received this Divoom Timebox speaker.

In this post we will see the video review, and pictures of the speaker with the description below, which has more info than the video – so even if you watch the video and like the speaker, you can still read the rest below.


First impressions out of the box

This is not just any regular boring speaker, and it has a number of, as my good friend Doug DeMuro would say, corks and features, but first things first – let’s see what it came with: a cardboard box, inside of which we have 2 more boxes (no pictures of that, but it is shown in the video).

The smaller box has 2 cables: AUX cable and a charger, as well as the manual. The speaker itself was in the bigger box.

Battery: 2500mAh (3-3.5 hours to charge fully)

Can work for 4-5 hours when not plugged in.

Weight: ~400 gr. / 0.9 lbs.

“Display”: 11*11 pixels

Extra functions

The speakers that only play music are a thing of the past. They don’t quite cook, wash dishes, or get groceries for you just yet, but this thing has some additional features that you wouldn’t normally expect. For example, square blocks that you see on the front also are actually a simple display that you can draw on.

If you, unlike myself, are lacking fine artistic skills, you can always try to pick one of the pre-loaded images, which there is a large amount of.

In addition to the regular images, there is a wide selection of flags, for the most patriotic users.

But wait, there is more. There is some weird casino-style game, an electronic version of a dice should you find yourself in a sudden need to roll one, and a ‘decision maker’ for the most indecisive.

There also is a car game from Tetris, where you move left or right using the buttons on top of the speaker, a stopwatch, a version of a scoreboard for sports or chess, an AM/FM radio, background sounds of wind, thunder, city streets and so on to serve as a white noise machine (it can be set so that it turns off in 60/120/etc minutes), and a few other things.

It also has some more advanced features, that I did not show in the video review: for example, it has built-in notifications so when it is paired with your phone and you get an Instagram comment the speaker would show an Instagram icon. Same with Snapchat, text messages, WhatsApp, and a number of other apps.

The speaker shows temperature, time, and acts as an alarm (the alarm time needs to be set in the Timebox app – free download from Google Play or iTunes store). It asks you to sign in, but there also is a guest sign-in option as well, which does not seem to have an expiration – I am yet to have it tell me that i have to sign in to use it.

With the temperature, there is an attractive animation of the current conditions. For example, raining out: cloud with drops pouring out of it.

It’s important to note that many of the Timebox-Mini’s key features are activated from the app’s home screen and aren’t part of these six primary modes. For example, the alarms, daily planner, games, chat, stop watch, scoreboard and sleep sounds are activated by hitting icons on the home screen of the app, not by using the mode button or mode menu.

Overall impressions



A wide range of functions and a ton of functions

Reasonably priced

Build quality is impeccable


Battery life could be longer for the size

You need to download an app to use many of the functions


As far as functionality goes, it is a fun little speaker. There is a lot that if offers that you won’t expect from your regular everyday Bluetooth speaker. The 11×11 display is bright and pretty, and it has a bunch of preset images, an option to draw your own, and to show the extra notifications (weather, time, apps).

You don’t need it in the same way you need food, clothing and a smartphone, but if you spend time playing with one you’ll probably want it. It also makes a unique present for someone with a soft spot for gadgets, because whoever you are getting it for is pretty unlikely to own anything similar to it.

Bottom line, it’s a fun little gadget with a reasonable price tag.

Get This Speaker on AliExpress

Last time we checked, this speaker was available for $48.93.

Check the current price by clicking the link below ⬇️

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