Xiaomi Mini, Keling A5 & Eachine E010: Review

Hello, my dear friends. Today we are going to see the three different products that came from Banggood, which is a website similar to AliExpress in terms of prices and product availability.

In the video I show the unboxing, and below the video is the review in text format with stock photos (sorry, only after making it I realized that it would've been better to take pictures as well but it was too late as I already gave these products away). If you want to see the products in a more real setting, please check out the video.

Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth speaker

You might remember the first-generation Xiaomi speaker we have seen in the previous speaker review video, which was a pretty good dual-channel closed-back speaker for the $20. Albeit a great speaker, it was a bit too big to comfortably carry it around in your pocket. Unlike this one, which is a true portable speaker: it is 2 inches in diameter and it weighs a mere 58 grams, or just about 2 ounces, which is roughly equal to the weight of a shot glass according to the official Russian measurement chart.

The only thing beside the speaker that we have in the box is a manual, which is in Chinese so it is mostly worthless for the most of us. This specimen has only one active channel, but it is surprisingly loud. I could not have imagined, considering its size, which I shouldn’t really have been as I have a small dog, how loud this speaker would be. The quality of the sound was amazing even at the maximum volume, and it did not pop, treble, or screech at all. Ladies and gentlemen, Xiaomi did it again.

Keling A5 Bluetooth speaker

The next speaker is made by a company called Keling, with the model number A5. The box came creased, but due to the fact that the speaker was right in the middle of it, it did not get any damage. Inside the box we have a non-braided 2.0 micro-USB cable, and an AUX cable.

The top portion of the body was made out of thick white plastic, and the middle trim was some sort of metal, presumably low grade aluminium. Keling A5 has a number of buttons on the size to switch tracks and answer calls, so the need to touch your phone during the use is virtually eliminated. It can also play directly from a micro-SD card.

The battery lasts for around 6 hours, and the speaker has a total weight of 275 grams, which is around 10 ounces. The output is 3W, and the frequency response on paper is also higher than on the Xiaomi speaker, however when it comes to the sound quality, this speaker significantly drops the ball. Besides speaking with a hilarious accent, when it plays at maximum volume it reminds me of one viral video.

Eachine E010 quadcopter

The next product we are going to see is this starter-level Eachine drone, that can be shipped from either China or US. Shipping from the US warehouse within the US is free. Just to mention, BangGood also has a European warehouse in UK, that also offers free UK-wide shipping.

What I like about Banggood is their points system, where each order gives you a certain amount of points, which can be used as a payment for the future orders. I had some points from before, which I used towards the purchase of matcha tea, which helped me bring the price down from 16.96 to 14.41 dollars – a total discount of 14% or a little over $2.50.

This drone comes with a charger, an extra set of propellers, and an English manual, which has been misplaced right after the unboxing video. The drone was packed quite well, with the separate compartments for extra parts, and the drone and the remote controller were separated as well. The buttons on the controller are very decent, and it appears that Eachine have put some thought and effort into securing the moving parts and the wiring on the drone quite well.

Unfortunately, when I started testing the drone, I was not amused: the drone was not calibrated, and since I lost the manual, I could not figure out how to adjust it, so the rest of my attempts to fly it resulted in awkward hovering.

The review that is linked in the product listing is made by someone who knows how to, and their test shows what this drone is capable of, so I suggest you check that out instead, it is the second video in the product description. The flying test starts at the 15-minute mark. In my case, the drone has been sitting in the corner on its own like the new kid at lunch.

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