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Essentials and Necessities

I have bought a lot of things from AliExpress. I don't think there has been a day in the last 5 years, where I haven't used something that I bought there.

First of all, this is where I got my smartphone – and we all know how often we get to use those. But there are a lot of other miscellaneous items that I use, that some people might be surprised that you can get from Ali for much cheaper than in retail stores.

Our sole purpose is to help you find the best deals, with the quality of the product being the priority. We will be discussing some of the most popular products on AliExpress that include basic clothing, gadgets, household items, and a few more.

In this post we have picked products that are helping people like you solve everyday tasks, with their endless (or a single) quirks and features.

In either case, I think you will find this post helpful.


Price: $59+

$43B Worth of smartphones have been imported from China into the US alone. Smartphones like Xiaomi, Huawei, Umidigi and Oppo are constantly outperforming similar-priced competition.

It is cheap and easy to upgrade the existing device. We have picked 4 great options under $300. Otherwise, check out more models at different price points by clicking the link below.


Price: $219+

Individual modes of transportation are now as important as ever because of time management and safety reasons, and the green forms of it are the less damaging to the environment.

A uniquely designed electric scooter will take you anywhere anytime. If you want to beat the traffic and save your time, while not being confined within a small space inside a car, then this is the perfect product for you. This smart scooter can be tracked using your smartphone simply by downloading an app.

The app can maintain your riding habits, track the distance you covered, and charge your scooter's battery. It comes with six different protection systems: over-discharge, overcharge, low-voltage, over-current , temperature anomaly and short-circuit protection.


  • 18650 lithium-ion battery pack
  • Charging Time: ~5 hours
  • Maximum Speed: 25km/h (15 mph)
  • Foldable for maximum portability

Price Value:

  • Intelligent battery management
  • Double brake system
  • 6x Faster than average walking speed


Price: ~$0.75 / unit

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Original toothbrush heads are ridiculously expensive – as if the bristles were actual minx hair. 3 For $20: what is this, a downtown Manhattan speakeasy?

The aftermarket ones are just as good for me – I've been putting them on my Oral-B toothbrush for at least 5 years.


Price: ~$0.18 / piece

They won't clean off the shame from what you did last night, but they can handle just about anything else.

In my experience, these are just as good as Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser (commonly sold for ~$1.25 per eraser).

I use them for cleaning the bathtub, kitchen and bathroom sinks, aquarium glass, windows. They are pretty good at handling the incrustation on the pots and pans, especially when I accidentally leave my potatoes boiling for too long.


Price: $1+

We have 2 options: the iconic 30 Electronics under $10 collection as a collection, and an ever-updating list in the shop section (the orange button below). Both are a pretty good source of cool little gadgets to buy to make your life easier.


Price: $3.24

Get a handy cable organizer to store all your cables in one place.

It is great to have them neatly stacked away: makes finding the right one much easier, and they also won't tangle inside. Much better than just randomly having them all over the place.


Price: $0.96+

Chargers, USB cables, speakers, mouse, etc. – all of them create a mess on your desk. Working in a messy environment can affect your productivity and creates a tripping hazard – and prone dropped once can be an expensive mistake.

To make your life easier, there is a cable organizer from TopK. It has a solid black color and a sleek design. You can attach it to your desk and arrange your mouse, laptop charger, USB cables, everything on it. It has multiple holders on it to keep your desk more … organized 😄

Price value:

  • Keeps cables routed in a specific direction
  • Protects cables from getting tangled and damaged
  • Suitable for use on metal, ceramic, glass, wood or plastic surfaces


Price: $1.49+

To protect the smartphone against butterfingers (or maple syrup fingèr for Canadians), occasional scratches, and to increase the likelihood of keeping the the precious back panel intact for longer.

Cases on AliExpress are generally cheaper than on Amazon, or retail stores – especially when buying from an official dealer. May as well get a few.


Price: $2.54+

An ultimate necessity, unless you live in a naturist community. Here is the listing with the cotton t-shirts from the image.


Price: ~ $1.10 / pair

These cotton socks are breathable and comfortable. What can beat a comfortable pair of socks at an affordable price? A rhetorical question, of course.

Price value:

  • Appropriate for both all seasons
  • Dense elastic to keep the socks in place


Price: ~ $0.37 / pair

A pretty sweet deal on a large stack of socks. This listing has 8,000+ orders and a ton of feedback.


Price: ~$0.99 +

We have carefully selected and added unique and stylish items with good feedback in our shop section.


Price: $8+

Read: quality earphones. You can easily buy a pair of great-sounding earbuds without breaking the bank.

For wired options, I have researched and tested many different ones, and found that KZ/QKZ-branded ones excel in terms of the build and price and last longer. UiiSii HM7 is also another great option for an earphone, and Superlux HD-330 for an over-ear headphone.

For wireless options, click below.


Price: $3.18

Reusable silicone lids that come in various sizes. These can help you significantly reduce the amount of plastic – or completely stop buying saran wrap.


Price: $0.49+

Various home decor and household items: kitchen, living room, bathroom – with more style. We picked the essentials that not only are functional – they also look stylish.

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