Geeky Items You Saw Online – Vol. 8

The Geeky Items You May Have Seen Online But Never Knew Where To Buy are back!

Volume 8 in da house!


Geeky Items You May Have Seen Online But Never Knew Where To Buy – Vol. 8

Coolest AliExpress Products


The 11.11 sale is approaching, we're almost there. Here are some Geeky Items that didn't make it to the 11.11 Best Items post, which is scheduled to be posted at 00.00 (midnight) Greenwich Time* – behold, it will be good! Ok, it will be acceptable.

* Nov. 11 00.00 Greenwich is Nov. 10 7 PM EST / 6 PM CST / 4 PM PST)


Butterfly hairbrush

Price: $3.28

Did anyone else have that as a kid?

Purchase link:


Chocolate power bank – 5600 mAh


Price: $6.21

This might just be the tastiest power bank ever.

Purchase link: [no longer available on AliExpress]


Doge t-shirt

Doge T-Shirt

Price: $9.28

Such T-shirt
Much fashion

Purchase link:


Rocket balloons (20 pcs)

rocket balloons

Price: $1.79

  1. Buy rocket-shaped balloons.
  2. Attach them to the rear of the vehicle, he be rollin' down the street.
  3. ??????

Safety not guaranteed.

rocket balloons example

Purchase link:


A large lot of bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap AliExpress

Price: $4.49/roll

30 Tablets of Xanax = ~$60
A giant lot of bubble wrap = $4.49

Do I need to say more?

Purchase link:


Cigarette shaped lighter

cigarette shaped lighter

Price: $1.37 + shipping

There is a Soviet Russia joke here somewhere…

Purchase link:


Storm glass weather forecast

Storm glass weather forecast

Price: $4.69+

This thing should be more accurately called “Too Lazy To Take My Ass Off The Chair And Look Outside” glass.

But seriously, “[a] storm glass is a type of weather forecasting device, composed of a sealed glass container filled with liquid. The appearance of the liquid purportedly predicts the weather, but most modern experiments have failed to confirm this”. [source]

Bottom line is, it is pretty to look at, but its' functionality is iffy.

Purchase link:


Levitating globe

levitating globe

Price: $18.85

Does anyone else remember, how do magnets work?

Purchase link:


Deathly Hallows pendants

Deathly Hallows necklace pendant AliExpress

Price: $0.18 + shipping

There are 3 different colors – bronze, aged bronze, and silver.

Purchase link:


Millenium Falcon bottle opener

Millenium Falcon bottle opener

Price: $1.99

Purchase link:

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