Geeky Things You Saw Online, But Didn’t Know Where To Buy – Vol. 10

It's been a while since the last time we've seen a Geeky Things list, I was missing these so here is another one.

To the new faces: this is a list of the most interesting products on AliExpress, some of which you probably have seen online, but didn't know where to buy. This is #10, which means there is another 9 here.

If you have any product suggestions, please make sure to link them in the comments below!


Fidget cube


Price: $1.01 – 1.65

Fidget Cube is a small box thingy with a bunch of switches, triggers and buttons. It is meant for active and recreational fidgeters, with a constant desire to twist and twirl something with their hands. You can click it, press it, push it, and everything else that is in that Daft Punk song.

Purchase link:


Vintage-style stampers


Price: $2.40

And if you want something more useful to do with your hands, you can stamp dates onto stuff.

Purchase link:


Power bank bracelet


Price: $18.06 + shipping

A perfect power bank for charging on the go. This bracelet is always handy, and packs 1500 mAh of power.

Purchase link:


Universal magnetic phone/tablet holder


Price: $8.14

A bendable gadget holding assistant. There are 2300+ orders, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Purchase link:


Watermelon bed sheets


Price: $24.92 – 30.96

There are 29 designs, this one is #16. 3 Sizes available.

Purchase link:


USB flash drive that looks like a credit card


Price: $3.56 – 12.20

An inconspicuous flash drive that can be carried around in the wallet. Looks really realistic, if you ask me.

Purchase link:


Plague doctor mask


Price: $49.80

Back in the day they were used by the doctors, who believed that by stuffing the beak with healing herbs, they would avoid contracting the illness. Nowadays they are used for walking around and embracing your weirdness.

Purchase link:


Rabbit ears hoodie


Price: $14.04

A hoodie that has ears. Why? Because AliExpress.

Purchase link:


Giant robot slippers that make a mechanical sound when you walk


Price: $35.00

Walk like a robot. WITH SOUND! These slippers make a hydraulic motion sound when you step.

Purchase link: (no longer available)


Chewie hoodie


Price: $40.87

There are cheaper ones, but this is the only one that I saw that actually has hair, not a picture of hair. The belt is also pretty detailed. It looks to be a pretty nice hoodie, especially for the price.

Purchase link:

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