12 Geeky Things – Vol. 13

Good day, friends.

Apologies for missing the video/post update last week. Yung Lean was in town and my friend and I went to see him play live. It’s been pretty cool but the ending was a bit underwhelming. Instead of coming out for encore just like any normal artist, he just said “this is my last song” and left without even finishing it. The crowd started chanting, but then the lights came on and everyone was like what O_o

Anyway, back to the topic, in this video we will see 13 new geeky products that I have picked for you this time of the year. Also wanted to let everyone know that I am preparing a makeover for the blog, which will be a mixture of the compilations with the display of best-selling products, and products by categories, with some other new features, so prepare to be amazed – it should be out by the end of February. And at the end of this video (on the bottom of the post) I will announce the winner of the giveaway for the Xiaomi earphones, so keep an eye out on it.

Ok, let’s begin!


TARDIS phone cases

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’ll be sure to love this TARDIS phone case. If you think about it, a phone is kind of like a TARDIS because it contains a lot on the inside for such a small item. Personally I prefer the first option, the basic TARDIS design, but there are other options with the different versions of the Doctor.

Product link: http://ali.ski/Ii0j8


Magnetic LED PC case lights

Give your computer a fun makeover with these magnetic LED case lights. There are 3 colour options that come in strips of 30cm, or about 1 ft. long. They come in handy for giving you a bit of light if you like to work/game/browse in the dark. I always see people with their fancy see-through PC cases, and now that I finally have one, I am definitely getting a couple of these lights.

Product link: http://ali.ski/6kdWkA


Tiny playing cards

No one will be able to see your hand with these tiny playing cards. They can also be used to stage adorable poker photos with your live or stuffed animals. Or really, to hell with staging, it’s time to bleed those bastards dry. Seriously though, I fail to see a practical use for these, unless you are Donald Trump. You know, because he is said to have really tiny hands.

Product link: http://ali.ski/911KA

(*tiny things store: http://ali.ski/pMR5a_*)



This is an excellent 2-in-1 product for people that like to stay organized. It's a mousepad with a planning notebook underneath, so you can always see your notes or to-do list while you're working. Having a constant reminder at your fingers just might keep you from procrastinating. Or it will help you come to better terms that you will never get anything done. Can go either way.

Product link: http://ali.ski/xohoC


Vintage-style posters

Decorate your home from this store with a large selection of vintage-style posters. They only cost a little over $1 each and there's everything from Harry Potter to fight club to human anatomy. They look good on their own but bonus points if you frame them. If you are concerned about the way they are shipped, don’t be – they ship in a sturdy roll, and in bubble mailers. If you keep them under a stack of books overnight it should be all straightened up and good to go.

Store link: http://ali.ski/Q2xB1

(a more thorough review of the poster that I got)


Creepy cat candle with a skeleton inside

People who love cats, geometrical bliss, and creepy things will appreciate this candle. From the outside it looks like a cute kitty, but as it melts a metal skeleton is revealed. Perfect for your next cult meeting, so that you don’t even have to burn real cats anymore. It’s a bit on a pricier side, but I still think it’s a reasonable price for something that unique.

Product link: http://ali.ski/5FW0nb


Mario magnets

For plumbers, a flush beats a full house. These Mario magnets are pretty sweet. You could play mini Mario games with them on your fridge! Or you could just use them for putting up sentimental pieces of paper. Or terrible punny jokes. Like this one: what do plumbers and eskimos have in common? They both like a tight seal.

Product link: http://ali.ski/k40Ek


Tiny phones

If size is an important factor to you when you’re looking for a phone, check out this thin and tiny phone. It’s super compact with a thickness of 9mm and specs of 85mm x 5.8mm x 54mm. It’s not the most high tech phone but it features bluetooth, messaging, and mp3 playback so if you’re just looking for something little and simple it’s worth a look.

Tiny phone 1: http://ali.ski/x0mMM | Tiny phone 2: http://ali.ski/hbnyPB


Ferrofluid AKA magnetic fluid

Ferrofluid aka magnetic fluid aka liquid magnets. Apparently, you can make your own ferrofluid by mixing the old-school printer ink and cooking oil. I actually have a separate video where I am unboxing and testing the bottle that I have bought before, and the entire video is pretty much highlighted here. It’s pretty fun to play around with when you are bored and have nothing better to do, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I haven’t touched mine in a few months. Still talking about the ferrofluid.

Product link: http://ali.ski/a4DTTp


Tiny drone

And if you’re team tiny products, check out this tiny drone. If you like annoying people, think about this: drones are annoying, flies are annoying, so how annoying is a drone that is a size of the fly? As you can see, this drone comes with a camera that can transmit and record footage onto your smartphone through an app.

Product link: http://ali.ski/PqQ_yG

(more tiny products from AliExpress)


Old-school console store

If you’re a gamer who has an appreciation for vintage stuff, check out this old school console store. You can find all sorts of 8bit and 16bit goodies that you can play on your Nintendo 64 replica. This store carries both consoles and console games. There is also a version of good old Sega that already comes with preloaded games. Throughout my life I’ve had about 5 Sega Mega Drive 2’s which is the same as the Genesis 2 model, it was the dopest shit ever. I have spent so much time playing classics like Jurassic Park, Road Rash 3 and Tom & Jerry. If you had one too, comment with your favourite game, no prize this time, let’s just remember them for the good old days’ sake.

Store link: http://ali.ski/QEVDNB


OG Tetris

And while you’re at it, check out this OG retro handheld Tetris game. Even before Snake on Nokia’s, this was the ultimate gaming station. Even though it has no color, playing on this will feel more special and fun than playing on your phone or on Facebook. I still have one of those, that still works. I bought it to play on a bus and hope that I will become a meme, but to my knowledge it still hasn’t happened.

Product link: http://ali.ski/aAtGL6




Now to our new section, the random product of the week. This week’s item is Totoro bed: have you ever wished you could snuggle up with Totoro because he is just so darn cute? Now you can with this Totoro bed! For best effect decorate the rest of your room anime style.

Product link: http://ali.ski/3loMcY

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