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10 Geeky Things from AliExpress – Vol. 14

You obviously are a more experienced buyer with a sophisticated taste. Your heart desires something more interesting, and your curious mind took you places you could never imagine. So now, you are here.

In this post you will see 10 different geeky products that you can get from AliExpress. We picked the best products from the dozens of not so good ones, so that you don’t have to waste your precious time. You’re welcome.


This little gadget from our favourite Xiaomi is a combination of a Rubik’s cube and a fidget spinner on steroids. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket, which is great for people who are fidgety or get easily bored.


People with multiple siblings know that sharing is caring. This 3 in 1 charging cable has the 3 common plug types, and it comes in handy if you don’t live alone, often have guests, are traveling with another person or group, or are just running out of empty USB plugs.

With this thing 2 people can charge their phones at the same time using the same cable!


Have you tried wireless earphones yet? Or maybe you always wanted earpods but thought that the price was ridiculous? Here’s a pair that will make you want to make the switch. They play your music via Bluetooth and are compatible with Android and iOS.

They also come in a convenient charging box that is small enough to be used as a carrying case, and have up to 3 hour battery life.


The first item in the list are these these silicon plugs that will keep the USB ports in your computer and/or laptop safe from dust and dirt, and they come in different sizes for the USB and HDMI ports.

You likely need them because only clean your room once a month anyway, you filthy, filthy animal.


If you enjoy taking photos, this is a handy little portable tripod with a fun octopus design. The legs are bendable so you can adjust them to your needs, which means you can place it on a variety of surfaces.

This way you can take selfies without looking like you take selfies so that people will think that you actually have friends!


Here’s another affordable watch to add to your collection. It has a unique minimalist number dial that only shows you the current time. It’s like a digital clock but with a sleeker design.

Look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.


And for when you’re in an environment where playing your music out loud isn’t obnoxious, there’s also this bluetooth speaker. We like the graffiti design, but it also comes in camo and solid colours. Plus, it is water-resistant so you can take it with you to the beach, lake, or pool.

Don’t put it in the water though, you won’t hear it anyway.


This is a cool product for any fellow YouTubers or anyone who’s thinking of starting a channel. It’s a 2 in 1 LED ring light and tripod, which is very handy if you’re talking or applying makeup in front of a camera.

It comes at a reasonable price for camera equipment, especially since you’re getting two different devices.


And another item for your household are these vintage-inspired decorative plates will make your kitchen feel like a cool bar or hipster coffee shop. The best part? They cost less than a cocktail!

There is a ton of different options in the listing, so check them out!

We have over a dozen other geeky collections.

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