GV68 Smart watch + Y2 smart fitness bracelet – Unboxing and review

Last Friday I have received a smartwatch and smart bracelet.

I am a little late to jump on the hype train, as these are my first “smart” products. The most straightforward ones to get first seemed the ones that you wear on your wrist, so I got these two. Below is a video with unboxing and review that you can skim through, and the review in the text form is right below.

The idea behind smart products is that you can connect them to your smartphone, usually via Bluetooth or less commonly via Wi-Fi, and store and track your data by sharing it between the devices.

In this case, both devices have Bluetooth, which is used to connect the gadgets to your smartphone. Both smart watch and the smart bracelet have arrived in their own boxes and with English instructions.

Let’s start with the smart watch.


The model number is GV68. The most common name that comes up is KingWear GV68, but there are also watches from Makibes and JSBP, which appear identical, so for the purpose of consistency let’s just call them GV68.

This smart watch is sold for around $45 USD.

Battery life

With Bluetooth on it works for about 2.5 days with active use and Bluetooth pairing on, which lets you accept and make calls via the watch, read text messages, view the call history and track your physical activity. I am not exactly sure how long the watch works with Bluetooth off, but I estimate it at about a week of casual use.

The watch has a touchscreen display to switch between the functions, and one manual button on the side to turn the display on and off. It will also power down the watch if you hold it for about 3 seconds.


Here we have the standard stuff, like heart rate monitor, pedometer that counts your steps, as well as the distance walked, and calories burned.

There are 5 ways of the watch to display time: 4 digital and 1 analogue.

The watch has more functions, like a calculator, calendar (which unfortunately does not show events – only the actual days and dates) and my favourite function – the lost phone retrieval. But in order for it to work the phone needs to be paired with the watch and be within the reach of Bluetooth, so even though I appreciate the sentiment, it is not as useful as you would want it to be. It can still be helpful if your phone is somewhere in an unknown location in the same room, which still happens to me pretty often. You can also take pictures remotely on your phone’s camera using the watch.


Now let’s look at the smart bracelet.


It highly resembles Xiaomi Band 2, except for the button on the bottom.

The first thing that I noticed was the fact that the bracelet can turn on on its own when you put your hand up. This can be turned off, if needed, but I can’t see why you would because of how convenient that is. It weighs 7 grams, which is a quarter of an ounce. In terms of a smart bracelet and for what you get with it, it really isn’t much.


The bracelet shows time, can track the distance walked, the length of your relocation, as well as your heartbeat and blood oxygen, and your blood pressure. All of that can be tracked via the app. You can also set the goal for the steps taken, and the app will evaluate your performance at the end of the day with an encouraging message.

Both the smartwatch and the bracelet came from GearBest.com

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  1. Attiq September 14, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    I got the Y2 Smart Band (one without the BP option” from Aliexpress but the band doesn’t seem to be working. Can you tell me what could I be doing wrong?

    The band isn’t showing in the bluetooth settings and it also doesn’t Connect to the app called “FunDo Bracelet”

    1. Admin September 15, 2017 at 9:37 am

      That’s weird. I can’t remember for sure, as I don’t have mine anymore – I gave it away, but I think I remember that Bluetooth on mine had to be enabled. The middle button switches between settings, is there one for Bluetooth? And if you still have the manual, there might be something there as well. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful


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