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Unique home decor deals – Vol. 1

AliExpress is not just cheap random items with no particular purpose, with some research you can find quality items that would cost 2x or more in your local stores. Light fixtures, wall stickers, rugs, wall clocks – you name it.

Most of these things are already made in China, so why pay more to the middlemen?

Here are some of the unique home decor items from AliExpress.

Animal print rug (imitation)

6 print options

Price: $10.29 – 12.74

A polyester imitation with an anti-slip bottom lining. The size of the rug is approx. 120 x 75 cm (~43.3 x 29.5 in.).

Retro-style flip clock

Price: $31.84 – 34.80

This is a version that shows hours and minutes only, there is another one that shows seconds too, for $52.04.

Be warned though, they are NOISY, so it is probably better to keep them outside of your bedroom.

Decorative creative wall “trophies”


Price: $25.94

Original wooden wall “trophies”. Some assembly required.

Invisible bookshelf

5 color options

Price: $8.20

It’s a cool concept and the price is right. I’m just not sure why there are 5 different color options since they are not visible, but anyway…

Toothpaste dispenser

Price: $2.82

Not automatic, requires no batteries to run. Before you use it, you need to dispense the paste to the device for it to be distributed. Some people in comments have reported that the plastic is thin, which is expected for the price. Comes with the toothbrush holder.

Bathroom memory foam rug

6 color options

Price: $3.62

Super soft. Imagine stepping on that instead of a cold floor when you walk out of the shower!

Ocean nightlight projector

Price: $11.44

This projector fills your room with the oceanic ambiance. Quite magical, if you ask me.

Inflatable transparent bubble tent

Price: $690.00

An introvert’s dream. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to sit inside one of these in the rain.

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