Home and wall decor items (VIDEO)

Home Decor items from AliExpress, as pretty much anything else, are reasonably inexpensive.

Faux sheepskin – http://ali.ski/ubaDlL
“Banksy” wall decor – http://ali.ski/WhJ3e
String lights – http://ali.ski/uPWpt
3D “Hologram” lights store – http://ali.ski/jXGXlJ
Wooden alarm clock – http://ali.ski/H5kbf
Dinosaur hangers – http://ali.ski/temWB
English bulldog toilet paper holder – http://ali.ski/opqmH8
Lights/darks laundry basket – http://ali.ski/sJrlKs
Mirror decal – http://ali.ski/24r7Z
Animals wall decor store – http://ali.ski/LkZ4z
Sweet Home wall decor store – http://ali.ski/r_hz3
Vacuum bags – http://ali.ski/uSTuw
Inflatable tent – http://ali.ski/Hsz2Fl

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