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Home Decor items from AliExpress, as pretty much anything else, are reasonably inexpensive.

There is a ton of stuff at my home that I got from AliExpress: picture frames, small rugs, bathroom thingsLED lamps, a bunch of other electronics: the list goes on and on. What can I say, I have a soft spot for the adequately priced stuff that I can afford. Makes me feel like a real adult who can afford getting stuff without clipping coupons.

In this video we have selected some of the most useful and interesting home decor products from AliExpress that we could find.

Faux sheepskin – http://ali.ski/YxHXm
“Banksy” wall decor – http://ali.ski/WhJ3e
String lights – http://ali.ski/uPWpt
3D “Hologram” lights store – http://ali.ski/jXGXlJ
Wooden alarm clock – http://ali.ski/H5kbf
Dinosaur hangers – http://ali.ski/temWB
English bulldog toilet paper holder – http://ali.ski/opqmH8
Lights/darks laundry basket – http://ali.ski/sJrlKs
Mirror decal – http://ali.ski/24r7Z
Animals wall decor store – http://ali.ski/LkZ4z
Sweet Home wall decor store – http://ali.ski/r_hz3
Vacuum bags – http://ali.ski/uSTuw
Inflatable tent – http://ali.ski/Hsz2Fl


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  1. nowoczesne October 2, 2017 at 12:38 am

    Really nice list 😀 i want to buy this mirror


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