Interesting Gadgets for Summer 2018

There are a lot of sites out there that just pimp out random Chinese products. We would like to say that we are not one of them, but we totally are. But instead of just listing absolutely senseless crap, we list very tasteful crap. Whether this is true or not is up for you to decide. We believe in picking the freshest gadgets, and sharing the product links with our audience.

With that being said, let’s see some awesome and unique items that I have picked for you this week.


This is another really cool product. It’s an LED projector that allows you to create hologram images! That’s right, you no longer have to worry about being forever alone. You too can create yourself a Japanese anime waifu. You can check it in action in the video below (we recommend muting it).


Here are some more cool novelty cups that are also super convenient. You’ve probably seen these cookie holder cups on some lifehack article before, and now you can get one too. We prefer the face one, because even if it is slightly creepy, it holds more cookies.


This is a super cool multi-functional product. It can be a sofa, a bench, a chair, a table, or whatever you need it to be. It folds like an accordion, so you can get creative and have fun with it. Which by the way is exactly what I did with your mom last night.


If you’re a millennial you probably hit this button sequence countless times when growing up. Relive your childhood computer frustrations during breakfast with these novelty ctrl+alt+del cups.


If you’ve ever wanted to make your own sushi, this is a cool device to check out. It will help you create the perfect roll. Simply fill the cylinder with rice and lay your toppings in the middle, and the seaweed will conform to your beautiful sushi roll. Bacon+eggs roll? Chicken+waffles roll? Nothing is too weird for this sushi maker. You are the master of your own culinary destiny.


My internal jew is rubbing his sweaty palms together while looking at this device. You can get the most out of your toiletries and cosmetics with this rolling device. If you’ve ever cut a tube of something when you think it’s near the end, you’ll know there’s always a decent otherwise unsqueezable chunk still inside.


Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files? Adobe Wan Kenobi. Any Star Wars fans here? You’ll probably appreciate this R2-D2 coffee mug. It’s actually a pretty great design for a mug because the head doubles as a lid to keep your beverage warm and secure.

We have a ton more different collections with a lot of cheap unique products. If you feel like browsing individual products, here is a sneak peak of the latest products that we have picked for you from the shop section:

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