You are currently viewing $18 Mechanical self-winding watch – REVIEW

$18 Mechanical self-winding watch – REVIEW

I’m sure we all are used to how cheap things on AliExpress are. The  days when I would wear an $18 store watch are over, but what would you really expect from an $18 watch from China?

Steampunk retro-style mechanical watch from AliExpress: REVIEW

Shipping has nothing to do with the seller, other than they shipped the watch on time,without unnecessary delays, but it took about 4 weeks to arrive in Canada, which is pretty normal for regular air mail.

The packaging is sufficient, it was packed inside a bubble envelope and wrapped in foam. There was another piece of foam between the watch and the metallic strap, which I think was a very thoughtful touch. The straps also came wrapped. Play the video in the bottom of the article to see the unboxing.

Now the watch: it is exactly as it was shown on pictures. The details are really amazing. It is just as heavy it needs to be to not feel too cheap, and not too heavy to feel it. I really do find it pretty comfortable.

The straps were too long for my slimmer wrists, so I took a couple of links out from the strap with a sewing pin.

Another thing is that this watch does not use or have batteries.

It is a mechanical, or a self-winding watch. The mainspring is wound automatically when you wear it. Unfortunately, after my first day of wearing them, I left them on the table and they stopped moving after about 6 hours after being left untouched, so I had to readjust the time.

This watch has hands for seconds, minutes and hours, and no other dials or functions. Overall, I am surprised with the amount of labor put into this watch, and the amount of care they were shipped with.

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  1. Real Wakizashi

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend and he completely FLIPPED OUT ! He absolutely loves it !

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