Miniature gun copies key rings

Miniature gun copies key rings

$1.88 + free shipping

I am not a fan of real guns, but these tiny copies are awesome (not to mention safer).

There are 15 different options, many of which are going to be recognizable for people who played Counter-Strike (well, who hasn't).

You can buy them here for $1.88 per piece with free shipping.

Purchase link:

Gun key ring AliExpress 3 Gun key ring AliExpress 2 Gun key ring AliExpress 1

I just got an AK-47 one for myself. Should you wish to wait until I get it and write a review – be my guest (don't forget to subscribe via the form below if you haven't already), and I will post a review when I get it.

Or if you can't wait to get one of these bad boys, you can buy them here.

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