Most Interesting (Geeky) Things From AliExpress – Vol. 9

For the 9th time, we are bringing you the best things to buy from AliExpress.

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Geeky Things You Saw Online, But Didn't Know Where To Buy – Vol. 9


The Best Products From AliExpress

In this post you will find geeky gift ideas for your nerdy friends or yourself – because your wants are just as important, right?



20 designs

Bowties AliExpress

Price: $0.99

Bowties are cool

Purchase link:


Tiny knitted sweater for your tea/coffee mug


Price: $12.79

Keep your hot beverage hotter for a longer period of time. Of course you can say you knit it yourself, we won't tell.

Purchase link:


Letter from Hogwarts

Letter from Hogwarts AliExpress

Price: $17.95 + shipping

Didn't get your invitation for the upcoming year yet? It's not too late yet. Yer' a wizard, Harry. Or something.

Purchase link:


Milky coffee scented candle

Milky coffee scented candle AliExpress-1

Price: $1.69

It is as awesome as it sounds.

Purchase link:


Personalized name patch

Personalized name patch

Price: $3.58

Hint: it does not have to be your NAME.

Purchase link:


Secret agent headset

Secret agent headset AliExpress new

Price: $2.40

Good as a part of a Halloween costume, or for just walking around with a serious face and freaking people out.

Purchase link:


Battery temporary tattoo

Battery temporary tattoo-1

Price: $0.18

Temporary tattoos that recently became popular again among bohemian youth. This one is pretty cool though.

And here is the link to the store with a whole bunch of other cool ones.

Purchase link:


Portable travel minimalist magnetic chess

Portable travel minimalist magnetic chess AliExpress

Price: $6.91

Awesome minimalist chess for those bumpy road trips.

Purchase link:


Metal detector


Price: $94.99

Why not?

Purchase link:


Laptop pocket mirror


Price: $2.09

If you cant afford the full-sized one, here is a pocket edition :'D

Purchase link:

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