Odd socks from AliExpress – REVIEW (Video)

I'm kind of over the 3D sweaters, and present to you my new obsession: odd socks.

To my surprise, all the socks seem to be made out of poly cotton, which as you may have guessed is a mix of polyester and cotton, even though I was expecting them to be mostly synthetic. The material is breathable, and the stitches are neat, and no different than on store-bought socks.

They were advertised as women's socks and smaller size, but I wear 10.5 US size or 42 European and, well, they fit. These socks are typically found for between 1 and 3 dollars.

Fried eggs socks – http://ali.ski/UiOR8
Eggplant socks + other designs – http://ali.ski/NbHFM
Cute dog socks – http://ali.ski/hWa2u
420 socks – http://ali.ski/hTA8I (21 color options)
Owl socks – http://ali.ski/gQ8gZZ (5 designs)

Bonus: 21 kinds of cat socks – http://ali.ski/k3MGjl

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