Oral-B aftermarket replacement toothbrush heads

Oral-B aftermarket replacement

toothbrush heads – REVIEW

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After a brief heart attack after seeing prices for OEM replacement heads ($19.96 for 3), I looked for the aftermarket replacement heads on AliExpress.

And of course, I found replacements for less than $2 for 4 pieces.

A reasonable person would understand that a piece of plastic with a spring inside, and some bristles attached to it is not worth $6 a piece. Nonetheless, I was a little skeptical as I have used a different kind of the aftermarket ones previously, which were much smaller than the ones I found now, and the small rubber nozzles felt off within a weeks use.

These do not have any rubber nozzles on the bristles, and the bristles are steady.

I would rate the softness as 2/5: they work fine on the teeth, but they did hurt my gums a bit at the beginning. Both the top round piece and the bottom trapeze bristles move from side to side when you turn the brush on.

These replacement heads fit properly, and do not shake off or buzz when in use.

God bless you, AliExpress!

Brush AliExpress review-1

Brush AliExpress review

Here is a general link to the ones that are available on AliExpress, you can pick whichever quantity of them that you need: http://ali.ski/32RUk. They are cheap so you may as well get a whole bunch, because the more you get the cheaper they are. I picked up 16 pieces the last time and after a year I still have a few left.

Product link: http://ali.ski/32RUk

P.S.: If you still use a regular toothbrush, you should totally get an electric one.

Here is one of the best-selling ones on AliExpress right now:

AZDENT electric toothbrush

AZDENT automatic electric toothbrush AliExpress

Price: $10.50

Purchase link: link: http://ali.ski/ukvxZj


P.P.S.: I have ordered a lightbox on Sunday, so the product pictures in my reviews would no longer look like they were taken inside a horse's ass. So hang tight for about a month, it's on the way. Much love!

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