Small dog bandana collar

This will be a very brief review, because these products mostly speak for themselves.

My pal Lady got a new collar. It is just a regular collar, except that it has a bandana attached to it. Doesn't it look cute? I think she likes it.

Small dog bandana collar AliExpress

7 Colors, 4 sizes.

Purchase link:


I also got her an LED collar for night walks:

LED pet collar AliExpress

Bright flashing LED pet collar

The collar holds the charge for about 5 days, and after that it starts to be less and less bright. It comes with a charger, and the perpendicular block that you see inside is the battery.

I can't say for sure how long it takes it to charge fully, because I usually just leave it to charge overnight. It's not waterproof, so I only use it during the summer, lately mostly during the camping trips, so that when it gets dark it's easier to see where she is.

Product link:

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