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Portable camping stove (emphasis on “PORTABLE”)

I am a big camping enthusiast. It’s hard to imagine not being in love with the nature coming from Almaty, Kazakhstan (lots of pretty mountains around) and moving to Vancouver, Canada (even more pretty mountains and also lakes). I do it all: day hikes, motorcycle camping, lazy car camping, tenting, hammocking, road-tripping.

Over years I have collected and refined my camping arsenal: a silicone-sealed lightweight tent, a pop-up tent, fancy inflatable mattress, summer and winter sleeping bags, and now – this portable camping stove. I don’t know why I have waited for so long to buy one, considering that it’s so cheap and useful.

What’s included in the set.

The setup is simple yet elegant. There are two stackable containers, mesh bag and a plastic box with the burner. The mesh bag is useful because it does not trap any dust, and it does not prevent the containers from drying.

The big container can be used for heating water (the smaller one should be used as a lid because it helps the water to boil faster and saves the fuel) or to boil veggies. Once the water is ready I use the smaller container to eat out of.

The good and the bad.

The paper that came included with the set said something about this burner to be used with the propane-isobutane mix (can’t remember exactly), and I spent around an hour looking at different gas cans in the outdoor store trying to pick one that matched the specs, only to find out that there is no need to get fancy and any butane/propane blend can be used as long as the connections match, and the difference is only noticeable if you camp below -3°C, which I almost never do.

The way the burner and the gas can fit perfectly inside the containers is very satisfying.

The total weight of the set is just about 500 grams, or a little over 1 lb., which is great for any type of camping and hiking. The capacity of the bigger container: up to 1 liter if you fill it to the rim, otherwise – the maximum mark is 800ml.

What I liked:

  • Small size and low weight
  • Non-stick surface
  • Silicone-covered handles (don’t need anything to hold it when hot)
  • Collapsible

What I didn’t like:

  • The ignition seems too unreliable; it has worked fine so far, but I wouldn’t rely on it – always carry a lighter or another source of fire
  • Takes time to boil (can be solved by using a windshield or an upgraded container – as suggested by sweet_story_bro on Reddit)
  • Not very stable and needs a flat surface (this can be solved by the stand)


Collapsible igniter/burner is easy to transport, and you can fit the gas and additional items such as spices and matches/lighter inside the containers. The ignition does not seem very reliable, but it’s not critical as long as you have a backup source of fire. The material is non-stick and easy to clean. In my eyes, it is a great set for the price.

Bonus pic: Joffre Lakes in BC. Canada is beautiful!

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