Sleeping mat for camping – REVIEW

At the beginning of this summer I knew I needed a decent sleeping mat in place of the yoga mat that I've been using last year. The yoga mat was okay on a flat even surface, but anytime we spent the night somewhere with a rocky terrain, it was getting very uncomfortable.

I was one click away from buying a self-inflating mat , but I didn't go through with it, as I thought that it will not be long enough to comfortably sleep a 6.1″ human (although, it appears, they are the same size).

Cheap sleeping mat – REVIEW

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This cheap sleeping pad is definitely not a complete sleeping solution.

It is great for the beach, not bad for the campground outings (where the surface was prepared for sleeping), borderline acceptable for the forest (where there are no rocks on the ground), and not very good at all for the random “bush” camping (if you want a decent sleeping mat, check this one out).

Sleeping mat 1

The bubbly surface makes this mat superior to the yoga mat for the purpose of sleeping. They give an impression of the mat being thicker than it really is. However, the mat is not hard enough to handle the weight of your body if you sleep on a gnarly surface, and have rocks underneath.



Sleeping mat 2

Sleeping mat 3

This foam sleeping pad takes 22.5 x 6 x 5 in. (57 x 15.5 x 13 cm.) of space when assembled. The fact that it is perpendicular makes it easier to pack and store. I can use it as a base to store other gear on when I go moto-camping.

There are two rubber bands included, although just one is enough to hold the mat.

This mat comes in 4 color options. Mine is blue on one side, and black on the other.

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