14 Essential Summer Products

Some of our favourite summer things include: longer days, drinks with umbrellas, ice cream, beaches and evenings on patios with sparkly lights. Here in Vancouver the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the temperatures are now hitting the double digits. That means summer will be here before we know it – we're already dreaming of beach days and ice cream. Now is the perfect time to do some shopping to make sure you have everything you need for a chill summer. We've got you covered whether you like to get your vitamin D at the beach, pool, or park. Because what more do you need for happiness than some sun, cool sunglasses, and a refreshing beverage?


You’ve probably seen these unicorn floaties at least once somewhere on social media. Now you can join the unicorn club too! Rainbows and glitter not included.

Price: $38.65 – 40.56


Nothing says summer more than floating on the water on a pineapple or watermelon. Enhance your upcoming beach and/or pool days with one of these instagram-worthy fruit floaties.

Price: $35.99


Taking a nap in a hammock just might be the ultimate chill. You can take yours to the beach, on camping trips, or just hang it in your backyard. Just make sure you get the knot right.

Price: $10.89 – 24.89


People with small faces everywhere can rejoice because after years of oversized sunglasses being in fashion, skinny frames are finally trendy! Another bonus with this shape is that there’s more room for the sun to hit your face so you can avoid those awkward cheek tan lines you get from bigger sunglasses.

Price: $5.60


The aviator is one of the most classic styles of sunglasses, the kind that will never go out of fashion. But you can still give the style a fresh twist with a colourful red lens. Black and grey also available for those who prefer the OG style.

Price: $6


You can still enjoy your favourite drink even if you’re in the middle of the ocean with one of these cute inflatable flamingo drink holders. They come in a two pack so you can treat a friend too!

Price: $3.50/lot (2 pieces)


Don’t forget to bring a towel! We already showed you some emoji towels, but these fruit ones are pretty sweet too. They’re available in a variety of citrus fruits, and also pizza if fruit isn’t your favourite.

Price: $32.35


This summer we encourage you to spend less time on your phone and more time enjoying the outdoors. If you get withdrawals you can just use this emoji beach towel instead. Available in 14 emojis.

Price: $27.59


There’s a reason using mason jars as glasses has evolved from being just a hipster thing. They’re really convenient! These kinds even come with a built-in handle and straw so your favourite drink is always just a sip away.

Price: $14.26 – 16.49


Unless you’re going to a nude beach, you probably need some beach attire. Men, check out these cool printed swim shorts. Available in 16 different colors.

Price: $4.50


More options, these are printed swim shorts. 19 Various prints are available, with an option for free E-Packet shipping to some countries.

Price: $4.01 – 5.76


Side boob is the new cleavage and one-pieces are the new bikinis. In any case, this style proves that one-pieces aren’t just for your grandma anymore. And for the girls that still want to tan their stomach, cut-out styles are also available.

Price: $12.49


If one-pieces aren’t your thing check out these bikinis. There are 13 options available in various prints and cuts from the classic triangle to a more modern halter.

Price: $23.29


If you’re planning on spending your summer at the beach it’s nice to keep your jewelry simple and light. Go for something cute and seasonally appropriate like this pineapple pendant.

Price: $1.05


Heart shaped sunglasses are making a comeback. They’ve been gaining popularity at music festivals in recent years and are now spreading into daily wear. And why not? They’re cute, fun, and definitely a great summer item.

Price: $10.65

We hope you grabbed some or all of these products to make your summer more enjoyable. Did you notice we added a shop section? See the 4 latest products from it below!

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