The 90’s things

I was born in the early 1990's in a large, but very scarcely populated land of Kazakhstan. The Soviet Union had just fallen apart; and even though I was sporting really cool Nike shoes, which had just become available, our family was not rich by any means.

I have two younger siblings (and there was no AliExpress back then), and we did not always have enough money to spend on things that had limited use.

But hold tight, the younger version of yourself, we are about to go on a magical journey to regain all the things you wanted to get for Christmas, but never did.


 The 90's things.

Rainbow slinky

Rainbow slinky AliExpress

Price: $1.08

Remember how agile they go down the stairs? I'll have a couple, because I also remember how much of a pain it is to untangle them.

Purchase link:


Tetris Aliexpress

Price: $2.69

Unfortunately, some people in comments report that they are not as they used to be, but for $2.69 I can take that risk.

Purchase link:

Sega Genesis

Price: $27.99 + shipping

What can be better than playing the good ol' Sega? Don't have any cartriges? Don't worry, you can buy them too!

Product link:




Tamagotchi 2 pcs AliExpress

Price: $1.64

Now that we all have smartphones, remembering to feed your pet on time should be much easier. But having an app just isn't the same as owning a real, live tamagochi.

Purchase link:


Bubble gun


Price: $1.86

Anyone else remember Earthworm Jim use these?

Purchase link:


Retro skateboard

(8 color options)

Old school skateboard AliExpress

Price: $16.50 – 22.99

Remember penny boards? I've seen some stores sell them for $75, which is too much, but on AliExpress we can get them at a more reasonable price.

Purchase link:



(7 color options)

Furby AliExpress

Price: $13.80

Purchase link:

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