The 90’s things

I was born in the early 1990’s in a large, but very scarcely populated land of Kazakhstan. The Soviet Union had just fallen apart; and even though I was sporting really cool Nike shoes, which had just become available, our family was not rich by any means.

I have two younger siblings (and there was no AliExpress back then), so we did not always have enough money to spend on things that had limited use.

Now that I have a better job, and occasionally spare cash, I can buy whatever stupid shit that I want.

So, hold tight, the younger version of yourself, we are about to go on a magical journey to regain all the things you wanted to get for Christmas, but never did.


 The 90’s things.

Rainbow slinky

Rainbow slinky AliExpress

Price: $1.08

Remember how agile they go down the stairs? I’ll have a couple, because I also remember how much of a pain it is to untangle them.

Purchase link:


Tetris Aliexpress

Price: $2.69

Unfortunately, some people in comments report that they are not as they used to be, but for $2.69 I can take that risk.

Purchase link:

Sega Mega Drive II

Sega Mega Drive II AliExpress

Price: $37.99

I bought one, and it works. It does, however, require the 110V/220V power converter to work in Canada (and maybe, in US and in some other countries too). Another thing, instead of claimed 368 games there are only 5 that repeat over and over with slightly different names (someone must have spent a few nights with a thesaurus).

This seller also has extra games – see description. If you need extra games, place the order, do not pay, message the seller with the games you want, and they will modify the price accordingly.

Purchase link:



(2 pcs. lot)

Tamagotchi 2 pcs AliExpress

Price: $1.64

Now that we all have smartphones, remembering to feed your pet on time should be much easier. But having an app just isn’t the same as owning a real, live tamagochi.

Purchase link:


Bubble gun


Price: $1.86

Anyone else remember Earthworm Jim use these? Just me? Ok then…

Purchase link:


Retro skateboard

(8 color options)

Old school skateboard AliExpress

Price: $16.50 – 22.99 (can ship from the US)

Remember penny boards? I’ve seen some stores sell them for $75, which is too much, but on AliExpress we can get them at a more reasonable price.

Purchase link:



(7 color options)

Furby AliExpress

Price: $13.80

Purchase link:

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