The winter is coming

The winter is coming! Get stocked up on the cheap winter clothing and other goodies, and be prepared for when the cold hits.

Or, be thoughtful and get something for your brethren. We're all in this together.

Cheap winter clothing and stuff.

Warm sweater

Warm sweater

Price: $13.99 – 15.99

This is just one of the many sweaters you can buy on AliExpress.

Check out our recent post with the coolest men's sweaters here. Or see more on AliExpress.

Sweater pictured above is no longer sold on AliExpress, but here is a similar one:


Hats (or as we Canadians call them, toques)

Hats touques cool prints

Price: $5.70

These are not very warm, they look like they are made from the same synthetic material as the laser-printed shirts that are within $15-20 on AliExpress. If you need a warmer hat, have a look here.

Purchase link:


Earmuffs with built-in earphones

Earmuffs with built-in earphones

Price: $6.80

There are 18 different color options. Aren't they amazing?

Purchase link:


Heated blanket

Heated blanket

Price: $19.49

This is an electrically heated blanket. The size: 150 x 70 cm (5 x 2.3 ft.). Comes with a Euro-style plug, so don't forget to tell the seller if you need a different type of plug.

Purchase link:


USB heated computer mouse pocket


Price: $10.38

Check it out here:


Winter jackets (you will be surprised how cheap they are)


Womens jackets
Womens jackets 1

[More women's jackets:]


Mens winter jackets -1

[More men's jackets –]


Snowball maker

snowball maker

Price: $2.06 – 3.36

Give your team a head start.

Purchase link:


Canadian-style “tahka” gloves with a smartphone window

Canadian Style Tahka Anti-cold Gloves

Price: $15.81

These gloves will let you use your smartphone/tablet/Gameboy/Tetris in the cold. Don't like red? Too bad. They only come in red.

Purchase link:

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