Things under $1 on AliExpress – vol. 2

Blinded by the amass success of the previous post (80 upvotes on Reddit, one of the the top posts on /r/BestAliExpressFinds of all time), I decided to make another one.

I mean, everybody here likes cool cheap things, right?

Waterproof phone bag


Price: $0.79 – 0.85

A bag/case, you can use your phone when it's in. According to the description, you can use it in water up to 10 meters deep. First though, I'd try it with a napkin instead of your phone.

Purchase link:


Luggage tags

funny luggage tag

Price: $0.94

Going on a vacation sometime? Get a funny luggage tag. (Or you can watch me unbox one of these on video!)

Purchase link:


Scalp massaging device

head scratcher scalp massager

Price: $0.60

If you have never tried these, they are amazing. It started a bit ticklish, and then sent shivers down my spine. I think I now understand how cats and dogs feel when you pet them.

Purchase link:


Silicone finger bookmark

(9 color options)

silicone finger bookmark

Price: $0.66

It can point to the exact spot you finished reading. How cool is that!

Purchase link:




Price: $0.76

A 10-in-1 multi-use tool with a waterproof case that fits inside your wallet.

Purchase link:


Fire starter survival match

fire starter survival match

Price: $0.87

While we are at the topic of survival tools, here is a handy little fire starter.

Purchase link:


Hydration bag

hydration bag

Price: $0.90

Contrary to the description, it is not 5 gallons. More like 500 ml. – 17 oz, or about 2 cups. Which is still good value. According to the description, it is BPA-free.

It comes with a small carabiner.

Purchase link:



camping carabiner

Price: $0.90

And while you're at it, why not get a carabiner? I hope you have enough sense to not use it for climbing, although I am yet to see a negative review on any climbing equipment from AliExpress. Get it? Let's move on.

Purchase link:


Micro-USB card reader

Price: $0.46

SD card adapters not your style? Here is a micro-USB card reader, which is harder to break, and objectively harder to lost (especially, since it comes with that string thingy).

Purchase link:


Mini padlock

mini travel padlock

Price: $0.94

You may also want to use this tiny padlock. 3 Digits = 1000 combinations.

Purchase link:


Travel eye mask for sleeping

(5 color options)

travel sleep eye mask

Price: $0.29

Do you remember when these were given away at airplanes? Pepperidge Farm remembers… Also, pretty much a necessity for graveyard shift workers.

Purchase link:


Happy toilet sticker


Price: $0.61

Well, it does not have to be a toilet sticker – it's just a happy face, but I really enjoy this specific placement, so maybe let's leave it at that?

Purchase link:


Guy Fawkes (V For Vendetta) mask

Price: $0.91

When you are leaving a review for it, make sure to leave it anonymously. Yeah, I don't have a lot of friends…

Purchase link:


Cloud clothing patch

clothing cloud patch

Price: $0.80

There are actually quite a few clothing stickers/patches under $1, check them out through the listing.

Purchase link:



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  1. karen livingston May 29, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    I’ve just started using Aliexpress about a year now, but had a recent encounter I’m concerned about. I placed an order that was later “closed” and they are asking for uploaded documentation (id, cc, bank statement) – Is this a normal procedure for Aliexpress and is it safe? The past orders went through fine – it’s just this last one that came up as ‘closed’. Any guidance/insight is greatly appreciated.

    1. Admin June 3, 2016 at 12:07 am

      Hi! If AliExpress support is asking, then it is not something unordinary, especially if you changed your billing address or started using a new card. But if it is the seller that’s asking, you should definitely not provide them with anything, and preferably report them for suspicious behaviour, because the seller does not need and should not have your payment details. Hope that helps!


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