Things you thought would be expensive, but they really are not

There are certain novelty items that are rarely sold in stores, and we are used to think that they cost a lot because they are hard to get; but in reality, they are a lot more affordable that we are used to think.

In this day and age the market is slowly, but surely is switching towards buying the goods digitally, as it the overhead for the e-commerce store is a lot lower than for the physical stores. The reason is simple: a smaller amount of people is involved in making the transaction happen.

So before I bore you to death with my talking, I present to you:

Things you probably thought were expensive,

but they really are not,


Some of the coolest things on AliExpress

Expensive 3D printers still exist – industrial models can cost up to $850,000. However, there are smaller-scale ones that still do the job. A cheap (working) 3D printer from AliExpress costs a modest $229.50. There are 42 pages of feedback from buyers, who report that it, indeed, does work as intended. Keep in mind: some assembly required.

Human hamster balls (AKA Zorb balls) have been around for a while, but gained their popularity fairly recently, presumably because of the Zorb-ball (zorb ball ball?) sport – if you haven't seen it, check it out – it's hilarious. Zorb balls are actually quite cheap. Thanks to Aliexpress, for a mere $169.00 with free shipping, you can now own one of these bad boys. And they come in 7 different color options. Price: ~$190.00

These stilts have many names, and even though they slightly differ, they all do the same thing. I actually own a pair of these, and they are awesome. It took me about 30 minutes to an hour to become more-less confident, so I could walk unassisted; but I've seen some people get up on them and walk right away. There are kids' and adult models; and some sub-models, the differences are very minor (plastic straps instead of velcro patches, etc.). But they all go down to one main difference: the user weight. The springs are of a different elasticity, so if you are light, the spring that is meant for the heavier users will be too stiff, and it won't be as fun to run in them.

Bouncy castle AliExpress

Did you ever want to have a bouncy castle all to yourself? Price: $355.00

Ok, so this one isn't that cheap, but for what it does I think it's reasonable. The underwater scooter is exactly what it sounds like: it is a propeller that you can use to ride under water as deep as 30 meters (equivalent to a size of a 9-story residential building). The motor is 300W, and it runs off a 24V lead acid battery, which lasts 1 to 1.5 hours (it is unclear as both are stated in the description). The entire device weighs around 8.4 kg with the battery, and the power to weight ratio is 1:1. This underwater scooter can go as fast as 3 mph (4.8 kph) – a fast walking pace, which is really fast when you consider this is under water. The scooter costs $150 + shipping

Drones no longer are expensive toys for privileged kids. You can buy a decent-sized drone for $28.99 – 54.90, depending on the color, and whether you want to have a camera in it. There also are smaller ones starting from $14.50. When you are ordering, make sure to read the description, and select the correct type. There are ones with and without cameras, with different packaging and color.

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