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Stoner Socks, Rings, Grasshoppers: 15 Best-selling Gift Ideas for <$5

A new compilation of the best-selling things that you can get from AliExpress for $5 or less. There will be 15 products in this post that are placed in no particular order. We added things based on the amount of recent orders in our internal sales data.

Now, following this dry as a dead nun’s gusset intro, we proceed to the products, which are hopefully a tad more lively and exciting.


Price: $2.79

A music box that comes in the form of a keychain for a true music enthusiast. Once you wind it up, it starts playing a short simple tune. There is no batteries required, the music box is wound up using the dial on the side.

This dumb little thing has over 2800 orders, and I’m pretty sure it’s about to get a few more.


Price: $0.89

Quite possibly the cheapest ever option for a custom gift – a ring with the custom initial.

There are options for each letter of the alphabet, and 3 colors for the material to choose from.


Price: $3.02

If you think that the world is overpopulated by about 50%, here is a bottle opener that will reflect your beliefs.

It already has all the 6 stones in it, so $3 plus shipping is a pretty fair deal to increase your power of opening bottles if you ask me.


Price: $3.05

These bottles with cute animals have also been ordered a fair bit. The pictures of the animals are cute, and the bottles remind you that life is beautiful at no extra cost.


Price: $0.26

For the people who like to get the absolute maximum efficiency and bang for their buck out of everything, here is a tube squeezer.

The strong jaws of any of the 4 critters are going to squeeze the absolute last drop out of your toothpaste, hand cream, or whatever other tube that you put into it, and they do it for much cheaper than the friendly faces at the rear entrance of that shady gas station.


Price: $2.18

A minimalist option of the magnetic laces with the option to ship it out of China or the United States. The elastic string comes with two little magnets on the ends that are easy to clip and unclip, which will save you a few seconds of your time every day.

They don’t look like the best-looking laces out there, but they do the trick. There are 24 different color options available in this listing.


Price: $1.17 – 2.46

Small and absorbent microfiber towels. They are quick to dry, and are pretty effective for their small size.

There are two options in this listing, either the towel on its own, or a towel that comes with the carrying case.

The material is pretty interesting, while it does have the ability to quickly pick up water, it also is really easy to quickly squeeze it out, thus combined with the size that makes it a perfect towel for sports.


Price: $4.10

Cute dog balloon statuettes. There are a lot of different sizes available on AliExpress, with the sub $5 ones being the cheapest. They are unique, pretty and original, and they come in 4 different colors. 


Price: $2.49

A matte black 7-piece nail care set. Not the most exciting and interesting product, but a useful one nonetheless.

It comes with a box, which will be easy to take with you on the road. According to the reviews, the items inside are sharp and work well.


Price: $0.59 – 1.97

Enamel pins for the graphic designers. Most of them are under $1, except for two last of them.

There are 10 different options, and the last one is a discount deal. 


Price: $2.99

Handy duck head-looking 2-in-1 clips and scoops. They are advertised as dog food scoops, presumably due to the size of the scoop, but they can be used for anything – sugar, salt, rice, and so on.

On a side note, I was disappointed by the lack of dog pictures in the feedback section for this product.


Price: $4.14

If you don’t want a good quality microfiber towel, or if you need more, here is the listing for 50 crappy compressed towels that would probably leave a few customs workers scratching their heads in confusion.

If you haven’t seen these before, you need to drop these tablets into the water and they will expand into little towelettes that are better described as napkin-sized cloth.


Price: $1.50

This little grasshopper is another solar toy that has been purchased over 4000 times and it has over 1600 reviews to attest to its dumb cuteness.

Once exposed to the sun, the legs of the grasshopper start moving, and he starts shaking and walking. Some units have been reported as defective, but the seller has no problems issuing refunds for those.


Price: $0.95

If you are going on a vacation, but don’t want your plants to die, here is a very simple but a very useful device.

The plastic drip stick inserts into the ground and slowly feeds the water through, drop by drop like your grandpa at 3 am. It is compatible with all regular-sized bottle necks, so any water or pop bottle would do.

The speed of the flow can be adjusted with the knob.


Price: $1.20

Ankle socks that we had listed in the shop section website for quite some time, that since then have been ordered over 14,000 times. As you can see, they have faces embroidered in them that peek out if you wear them with low top shoes.

There are 10 different designs, and at this low price you may as well get yourself a few pairs. Their shape would be specifically good for the new shoes, as they would protect the back of the foot against annoying blisters.

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