Trees sweater – REVIEW

This is my second sweater (well, third, but I ordered two of the same kind, but different color a few months back) that I got from AliExpress. The first time I was lazy and didn't pay attention to the sizing, and the fit was wrong. This time I have measured myself, and an XXL was a perfect size for me (skinny tall ft; 1.86 m. / 65 kg; ~6.1″ and 145 lbs.).

I have paid $14.94, which is an 11.11 price – the discounted price is worth it, but knowing what the acceptable price is on such things on AliExpress, I wouldn't pay more than $20 for this sweater. The material feels natural, and it could be a bit stingy if worn on a naked body; but it is fine with a shirt/etc. underneath (I wore it on Maria's mom's birthday dinner this weekend).

With cheaper clothing you need to pay attention to the stitching, which is good in this case – there are no major loose threads or any sketchy spots. Everything looks good to go.

I finally got to model! See the pictures below.

Trees sweater 0

Trees sweater 1

Trees sweater 2

Trees sweater 3

Trees sweater 4

Trees sweater 5

Check it out here: (no longer sold on AliExpress)

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