Unique Gifts for Girls

Some guys might like this too, but for some (totally not PC) reason I thought that most of these things would generally be more appealing for females, rather than males.

11 Unique gifts that some girls may find interesting.

11 Unique gift ideas for girls – s’il vous plait.

Kitty nail stickers

Kitty nail stickers

Price: $0.47

A mere $0.54 get you 2 sheets, 20 stickers on each sheet.

Purchase link:


Pacman earrings

Pacman earrings

Price: $1.13

These Pacman earrings come in either gold or silver color. Waka-waka-waka!

Purchase link:


Unicorn ring

unicorn rings

Price: $0.82

There are 5 different color options.

Purchase link:


Kitty coin purse

Kitty purse

Price: $1.39

There are 5 different designs to pick from.

Purchase link:


Totoro / etc. hand warmers

Totoro hand warmers

Price: $7.99

8 Different critter designs.

Purchase link:


Tweezers with an LED light

Tweezers with LED light

Price: $0.99

Purchase link:


LED USB nail polish dryer

LED USB nail polish dryer

Price: $18.99 – 24.99

Purchase link:


Peeling assistant for nails

Peeling assistant for nails

Price: $3.19

Apply to the edge of fingers sparingly, let it dry, peel it off when it is fully dried. Helps to avoid painting outside of the nails.

Check it out here:


Sheer tights that don’t run

Sheer Tights That Don’t Run

Price: $3.32

Sheer tights that don’t run – quite magical! They come in 4 different color options.

Check them out here:

Ice cream clutch

Ice cream clutch

Price: $13.20

Purchase link:


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