“V For Vendetta” Poster – REVIEW

Posters from AliExpress – how are they shipped?

Recently, I have purchased a “V For Vendetta” poster from an AliExpress store, that specializes in selling retro-style movie posters.

In this review I will show the way they are shipped, and the quality of the material of the poster itself.

“V For Vendetta” retro-style poster

from AliExpress – REVIEW

Link to the store: http://ali.ski/weiqA | Link to the poster: http://ali.ski/qkXKtw

V for Vendetta Poster AliExpress LOGO

My main concern ordering a poster from China was about the damage. I work in E-commerce, and the electronic parts that we sell often get damaged, even if shipped within the same city.

I was worried, that a paper poster would be unrecognizable by the time it travels 8,500 km (~5,200 miles).

However, the packaging was adequate, and, even though the poster did have to spend a night under the pile of books (because it spent a few weeks in a roll), and it looks just as good as new.

The material is different from the regular printer paper; it is just like the old-school poster paper, and it has this nostalgic feel to it.

The size is 30 x 42 cm, or approximately 12 x 16 inches.

AliExpress wall decor poster

AliExpress wall decor poster-1

AliExpress wall decor poster-3

AliExpress wall decor poster-4

V for Vendetta retro poster cheap AliExpress

There is a ton of different posters in that store (various sizes), the vast majority of which are within ~$2 USD.

For example:

Human skeleton anatomical poster

Purchase link: http://goo.gl/wiRc4s

Human anatomy skeleton poster AliExpress

NY Times excerpt about Titanic sinking

Purchase link: http://goo.gl/ynVq1Z

Titanic poster AliExpress

AK-47 assembly poster

Purchase link: http://goo.gl/QTLshu

AK47 poster AliExpress

Link to the store: http://goo.gl/gxt2cP

Link to the V For Vendetta poster I purchased: http://goo.gl/YFY4w2

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