Coolest ice trays for the drinks night

During the holiday season, ice trays might become handy with all the drinking that is going on. Unless you are sophisticated and use whiskey stones, chances are that you use ice to cool down your drinks. As always, AliExpress has a ton of options for the cool (pun intended) ice cube trays. Don't use ice? These silicone trays can also be used to make chocolate.

The best way to ensure that your drink stays cool with minimal dilution is to use a large single ice cube, because it will take longer to melt than a few smaller ones. For the maximum enjoyment, you can add berries to the water.


FACT: Different sizes / shapes of ice will cool down your drink differently (source).


Like this Death Star mold, for example:

Death star ice mold

Price: $3.87

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160-piece small ice tray

Price: $5.69

This ice tray makes 160 small pieces of ice, which will be perfect for margaritas.

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Pineapple ice mold


Price: $2.07

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea…

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Spherical ice molds

Price: $3.18

Just like a few of the ones listed below, this mold comes in two pieces: top and bottom. The pieces need to be attached to each other prior to being filled with water.

Take the top portion off once the ice is ready, before taking the cubes out.

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AK-47 bullets ice mold Titanic ice mold

Ak-47 style bullets chololate ice cube mold AliExpress

Price: $2.38

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Easter Island stone statues

Easter Island stone head ice cube cholocate mold AliExress

Price: $2.08

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Titanic ice mold


This is definitely my favorite ice mold. And it seems the designer has a pretty twisted sense of humor – they even added the iceberg… 😀

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(27 pcs. same shape, different size)

27 piece diamonds chololate ice cube mold AliExpress

Price: $3.26

There are 5 options, depending on the color.

They all make 27 pieces of ice – same shape, but of a slightly different size.

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Engagement ring ice mold

Diamonds ice chololate mold AliExpress

Price: $1.50

We hope these do not create too much confusion. Otherwise the things may get a bit awkward…

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Pistol ice mold


Price: $1.75

And I was like “Pew! Pew! Pew! Murica!”

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Octopus ice tray

Octopus ice mold chololate AliExpress

Price: $2.64

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Shark fins


Price: $0.89

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Honeycomb (hexagon) moulds

Price: $2.50

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