What to buy on AliExpress for $1: UNBOXING EDITION

In this video we will see products that you can get from AliExpress for $1 or less, including free shipping. We will show you the unboxing process and exactly how they are shipped: the cheapest version of the fidget cube, some household products and other cool stuff.

Product links are below the video.


Fidget cube

Product link: http://ali.ski/pjaGi5


Money clip

Product link: http://ali.ski/rD_VP


Stainless steel soap

Product link: http://ali.ski/dTgyaV


Silicone soap tray

Product link: http://ali.ski/fGCsj


Washing machine vibration absorbent pads

Product link: http://ali.ski/YuyzJ


Acrylic pins (general link)

Product link: http://ali.ski/uqE165


Clip-on lapel mic

Product link: http://ali.ski/3_U6sO


Sticky silicone roll

Product link: http://ali.ski/EV_5Dm (not recommended – refer to the video for reasons)


Copper light

Product link: http://ali.ski/5r1Aik

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