Xiaomi Band 2 + 3 Magnetic Micro-USB Adapters GIVEAWAY!

Hello, dear friends!

Hope that the New 2017 Year is kind to all of us so far, and that you spent the Countdown just the way you wanted to: in the company of the loved ones or alone, outside or inside, wonky or quiet.

But the present season isn't over just yet: we're doing a GIVEAWAY at the end of this month.

We have 1 Xiaomi Band 2 and 3 magnetic Micro-USB chargers up for grabs!

The rules are super simple: post one picture of your favourite thing bought from AliExpress and tag us on it on any of: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.

For Facebook you can either post it on our page, or tag @aliholic

For Instagram – tag #aliholic or @aliholicsocial

For Twitter –┬átag #aliholic or @aliholiccom

4 Winners will be randomly chosen on January 31st 2017!

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