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Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing brands in China, and I can understand why: their products are amazing, and the prices are adequate. If you have not seen their products, which I doubt very much, check them out here.

This Bluetooth speaker is my first Xiaomi product. The first impression was positive: the speaker is solid, it is not heavy but not light like a cheaper speaker. The plastic is reasonably strong, and does not bend when pressed with fingers. There are absolutely no rough edges or nicks, the speaker is smooth all over. The speaker was shipped bubble-wrapped and inside a Xiaomi box; and it has a special damage-resistant cardboard case inside.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker 1

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker 2

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker AliExpress 2

So far, I have tested the connectivity with my phone (LG Nexus E960), my laptop (Samsung NP540 series) and with my work computer (Mac Mini, late 2014 model).

All 3 devices were paired via Bluetooth with no issues. Both my laptop and my work computer recognized the speaker right away after I restarted the speaker, but my phone did not want to use it until I enabled the speaker through the Bluetooth settings.

I also noticed the speaker had problems figuring out what device it is getting the sound from when it was turned on in the room with 2 laptops and my phone it was previously paired with; and it did not play music until I removed it as a Bluetooth device on my computer, and paired them again. Not sure if it is the speaker, or Bluetooth as a technology in general.

The quality of the sound is as crisp and clear as it can be on a speaker of this size. The bass is amazing, and pretty deep. The speaker has a bit of distortion at the maximum volume, or if you listen to interviews with a lot of background noise.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker AliExpress black

To turn the speaker on, you need to hold the power button for about 3 seconds. The speaker makes a sound when powering on and off, and upon pairing with a device. The playback starts automatically upon pairing. When the speaker is the indication light is solid blue, which turns red when it is being charged.

On an open distance of up to 3 meters I did not notice any issues; but anything after that results in a delay, so if you are watching a video, the sound may be a second or two behind. It also becomes noticeable when you push pause, and the speaker would continue playing sound for several moments.


Specifications Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker AliExpress

Built-in 1200mAh Li-battery, up 10 hours continuous playback;
Product Weight: 0.227 kg;
Power Source: Micro-USB (cable not included), working voltage: 5V (0.5A);
Bluetooth 4.0 compatible;

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker AliExpress specs


  • Loud, clear sound and bass;
  • Sleek design, quality material and a very solid build for the price;
  • Does not require any additional drivers/setup;


  • No volume buttons;
  • Becomes shaky and unstable when playing music at high levels;
  • Does not work while being charged, does not notify you it's about to run dry.

There are white and black options, I opted for black because of the hexagon pattern on the front grill. The white ones are plain.

Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AliExpress

Bonus gif

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker AliExpress review

Overall, this is a great speaker for the money. There is a newer version for around $40 with a fully metallic case, and this one currently goes for $20.

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