Original Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming! With the extremely fast and precise shipping from China, as we know it, and to avoid disappointment and unnecessary stress, you should probably order your Halloween costumes in the next 1-2 weeks to make sure they arrives on time.

If you are looking for original Halloween costumes, you came to the right place.

Original Halloween Costumes

When picking a costume, you have 4 options (besides not wearing one):


1. Pre-made, ready-to-go costumes

Purchase link: https://aliho.lc/2cvO8pE

The easiest and hassle-free option that the most are probably going to choose it to get a pre-made costume.

When selecting a costume, remember, that you always get what you pay for. And even though the AliExpress costumes are priced lower than in most stores; there still are good and bad quality ones.

For example, look at these Deadpool costumes:

Deadpool cheap costume Aliexpress
Cheap version: http://goo.gl/jMGrtM


Deadpool expensive costume AliExpress
A more expensive version: http://goo.gl/p1GmVf


Another costume that I think is always relevant, and deserves special attention is this beautiful banana costume, that is more of a lifestyle than anything else.

Adult banada costume AliExpress
Banana costume: http://goo.gl/sS3VCz ($13.99)

AliExpress has costumes for any flavor and taste. Just have a look.


2. Onesies

Link to the onesie store: http://goo.gl/41i4oC

Cookie Monsa onesie AliExpress

Panda onesie AliExpress

Pickachu onesie AliExpress

Best-selling adult onesies: http://goo.gl/41i4oC

AliExpress onesies range from $10 to $45, with most being around $25.

Unlike costumes, onesies are good not only for Halloween, but also for music festivals, for doubling as pajamas, and for making Harlem Shake remakes (anybody still making those? #slowpoke #irrelevantmemes).


3. Inflatable costumes

Inflatable costumes store: http://goo.gl/yMb3XB

Inflatable (each comes with an air pump that works off batteries) costumes from this AliExpress store range from $29 to $44, with most being ~$39. Some are NSFW.

Inflatable dinosaur rider costumer AliExpress
Inflatable dinosaur rider costume: http://goo.gl/yMb3XB


4. Make your own.

If you want to get a little creative (and save some money), you can assemble your own costume. It will be more original, and likely cheaper than just buying one.

For example, let's look at making a V' from V For Vendetta movie costume:

V For Vendetta

  1. Mask (don't go for the cheaper white ones: I have one – the plastic is too thin, and breaks easily);
  2. Black cloak;
  3. Wig;
  4. Hat;

Result: $16.41 instead of $34.37 pre-assembled. You can spend the difference on buying more accessories or gloves, neither of which are included with the pre-made one.

Some mask suggestions:

Realistic-looking alien mask – $13.92

Realistic UFO alien mask AliExpress
Realistic-looking alien mask: https://aliho.lc/2cDQkJq

The classic horse head mask – $8.65

Horse head mask AliExpress
Horse head latex mask: https://aliho.lc/2cDvzvQ

Masquerade mask – $0.58

Masquerade mask 1 AliExpress
Masquerade mask: http://goo.gl/m6hbna

Fox-shaped masquerade mask – $1.06

Masquerade mask fox AliExpress
Fox-shaped masquerade mask: https://aliho.lc/2cG7x1P

And a bonus WTF costume as a reminder of how weird AliExpress can get at times.

Red latex gas mask costume AliExpress
Latex costume with a gas mask: http://goo.gl/htgxlG

Thanks for reading! 

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