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Got 5 Dollars? Spend it on these 🙌


This thing though is like a fidget spinner on steroids.

It’s like a fidget spinner and a boomerang had a baby and this baby was raised by a yoyo, a slinky and a merry go round trouple. Centrifugal force is keeping it afloat, which is kind of cool from a physics perspective.


A clamp that comes in 2 sizes. Big and small. Small and big.

Small ones can be used for finer stuff, and bigger ones…well for bigger stuff.

Pretty straightforward to use, you cut an end off a bag that you want to clip it on, attach it and use it. Pretty nifty.

The bigger one is almost identical other than the fact that it’s bigger, and that the cap is a twist off compared to the clip on on the smaller one. 


A very thicc corgi.

Some people put them on the back of their phones, but I’m using it as a door stopper. 


A thing can only be named if you’re a German linguistics professor and sounds like an ancient Nordic spell, but it actually serves a very simple purpose, and that is to crack soft boiled eggs. 

There are cheaper ones, but you actually want ones that look like something you’d find in your single aunt’s nightstand because the tall leg make egg break good.


This might look complicated but it really isn’t and it is in fact quite useful for fixing cabinets with doors that won’t stay closed.

It’s a simple ball operated spring loaded door latch that takes 4 screws to install. The tension can be adjusted, but you really don’t need to as long as it locks. 


For people who haven’t learned or don’t want to deal with laces.

This is a listing for a 10 piece lot because I couldn’t find a good one with just 1 piece listed. But you gotta admit that it’s a pretty good deal for just about 20 cents a piece.

Really easy to use, you place the laces in, cut them to desired length and enjoy a 20 seconds saving every time you put your shoes on.


These dust screens are pretty neat if you think about it. They come with a sticky adhesive and attach to the speaker grille on your phone.

It will probably fall off at some point, but that’s why the minimum amount in this listing is 10 pieces. 


Best-Selling item! 1,000+ sold

These portable soap sheets isn’t something I thought was valuable until I thought about camping.

They come in a little portable case, and even without accounting for the cost of it, that comes to about 2 cents per one hand washing.

It’s neat because it completely disappears, literally down the drain, after each use. 


Useful for gardening and whatever else needs to be misted, or if you really miss the aesthetic of the vegetable aisle in a fancy grocery store.

It fits any standard bottle neck, and you create suction by moving the handle with your hand, shout out to my girlfriend.


Best-Selling item! 1,000+ sold

I really like it because it seems like a good way to keep all of the scrubbing and scouring pads in one place, and to keep the rag off of the kitchen faucet. Just makes it look so much more organized. I just hope that they pack it well so it doesn’t get damaged in shipping.

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