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Make a splash with these hilarious and unusual beach slides and flip flops

Summer is creeping up faster than sand in your flip flops, which means it’s time to upgrade your beach footwear.

If you’re tired of boring old sandals and want to make a splash, I’ve got you covered. I have scoured AliExpress and found the most unusual, quirky, and downright hilarious beach flip flops that are sure to turn heads.

From flip flops that look like feet (yes, you read that right) to crab-shaped sandals that are a real catch, I’ve got five funny options that will add some fun to your beach day. So slip into something a little more comfortable, and let’s dive in


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Price: $8+

Don’t be afraid to take a bite out of summer with these shark-shaped flip flops!

These ferocious sandals are sure to turn heads with their toothy grin and menacing fin.

They’re perfect for anyone who loves the ocean (or just wants to intimidate their fellow beachgoers).

Not only do these slides feature a super cute shark shape, but they also have upgraded soles that are 4 cm thick, providing extra cushioning and support for all-day comfort.

Slip into these adorable shark slides and get ready to take a bite out of summer!


Price: $15.72 + shipping

These slides might look like they’re made of peanuts (or bubbles?), but don’t worry: they won’t cause an allergic shock.

With their quirky design and unique texture, these sandals are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little bit of fun to their summer footwear collection.


Price: $10.32 + shipping

Get your pinchers on these crustacean-inspired flip flops!

These bright red lobster-shaped sandals will have you feeling like you’re walking on water (or maybe crawling across the ocean floor).

Plus, they’re a perfect match for your beachside seafood feast.


Price: $12

These cow pattern slides are udderly amazing.

With their black and white spotted design, they’re the perfect accessory for your next trip to the farm (or just your local grocery store).

Slip into these quirky sandals and show off your love for all things bovine.


Price: $8.82 + shipping

Make a splash with these fishy flip flops!

These green-colored sandals are shaped like a fish and feature a cute little fin on the back.

They’re perfect for the beach or the pool, and they’ll have you feeling like a fish out of water in the best possible way.


Price: $11

These sandals take the term “barefoot” to a whole new level! With their human foot-shaped design, you’ll be the talk of the beach (or the park, or the mall…) in no time.

Want to freak out your friends and family? Slip into these human foot-shaped flip flops and watch as they do a double-take. With their unique design and lifelike details, you’ll have everyone fooled.


Price: $13.21 + shipping

If you’re a fan of metal music (or just like to rock out), these skull slides are the perfect accessory for you.

With their unique design and edgy vibe, they’re sure to make a statement wherever you go.

And even if you don’t love metal music, these quirky sandals are still a fun and silly addition to your summer footwear collection.


Price: $13


There is a joke in here somewhere, but it must have slipped my mind