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11.11 AliExpress Sale: Gadgets Galore

Hello, my dear Aliholics!

If you’re anything like me, you were ready for the most anticipated shopping event of the year – the 11.11 AliExpress Sale 2023 – since the beginning of the previous week.

I know you’ve been eyeing those funky gadgets on AliExpress but hesitated due to their price tags, well – you’re in for a treat. This 11.11 sale promises unbeatable discounts (think 5-25% off on top of the regular discounts), and the chance to save big on your favorite tech gear, while unlocking additional savings with coupons. All things considered, if you’re not getting at least 10% off, you’re getting ripped off.

If you haven’t seen it yet, our ultimate 11.11 AliExpress Sale 2023 guide is here to help you navigate this shopping extravaganza like a pro.

It’s time to make your wishlist wishes come true during the 2023 11.11 sale! In this post, I have collected a few of the excellent deals on AliExpress gadgets.

11.11 AliExpress Sale: GADGETS GUIDE


11.11 Price: $84.75 (33% off)

Take your tunes on a wild adventure with the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom.

Equipped with titanium drivers and BassUp technology, it delivers impressive sound quality that will get the party started. With a massive 24-hour playtime, this speaker is like the Energizer Bunny of the music world – it just keeps going and going!

It’s waterproof enough to throw a pool party for your goldfish, – the beat will go on… and on.


11.11 Price: $55.99 (44% off)

Never worry about running out of battery again with the Baseus 100W Power Bank.

This high-capacity portable charger offers a massive 20000mAh battery, ensuring you can keep your devices powered throughout the day.

What sets it apart is its Type-C PD fast charging capability, making it compatible with Macbooks, laptops, and other power-hungry devices. It’s the ultimate on-the-go power solution for busy professionals and travelers, providing peace of mind that you’ll never be stranded with a dead device.

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11.11 Sale Price: $204.99 (59% off)

If you have destroyed your phone by dropping it before, this is a phone for you.

Umidigi Bison series is a line of rugged reinforced phones designed to crack the asphalt as they fall down (a comedic exaggeration, but you get my point), and GT2 5G is the flagship model of the series.

It boasts impressive specs, like a Unisoc T606 octa-core processor, a 6.5″ FHD+ display, triple rear camera and a nowadays rare high-capacity 6150mAh battery.


11.11 Price: $70.59 (35% off)

Stargazing isn’t just for romantics and werewolves anymore.

With the SVBONY SV501P Telescope, even the most amateur astronomer can peep at the universe like they own it. Perfect for beginners who want to spot the man on the moon’s nose hair without spending a fortune.


11.11 Price: $43.93 (65% off)

Transform any wall into a cinematic experience with the ISINBOX X8 Mini Portable Projector.

Whether you’re screening ‘Aliholic’s Greatest Finds’ or your vacation slideshow, it’s like having a movie theater that fits in the pocket of your handbag or pants.


11.11 Price: $353.72 (33% off)

Dive headfirst into other worlds with the Pico 4 VR Headset.

Crisp 4K+ display will have you so immersed in the Metaverse, you might just try to high-five an avatar.

Stream gaming or explore virtual realms—just remember to come back to reality for dinner.

HiBREW Espresso Machine

11.11 Price: $228.14 (39% off)

There are a few excellent sub-$300 espresso makers on the market, and this is one of them.

Unleash your inner coffee snob with the HiBREW 20Bar Espresso Machine.

With temperature control that’s more precise than your thermostat and a portafilter that could double as a modern art piece, you’ll be crafting lattes that’ll make the café down the street weep with envy.

Remember, even Breville Barista Express is made in China, so you may as well save a few hundred dollars by not overpaying for a brand name.


11.11 Price: $170.24 (55% off)

Outshine your caffeinated peers with the HiBREW G5, a conical burr grinder that’s as precise as it is stylish.

With 40mm burrs, this compact powerhouse ensures a consistent grind every time, making it the ideal companion for espresso aficionados and Turkish coffee devotees alike.

Elevate your brew and savor the superior taste that only a HiBREW G5 can deliver.


11.11 Price: $14.77 (68% off)

Dual-camera setup with an optional rear-view camera.

The main unit has 2 cameras pointing back and front, and can capture footage in crisp 1080p.


HOT ITEM! 3,000+ sold in the last 30 days

11.11 Price: $18.38 (66% off)

Fully cordless and capable of reaching 50,000 RPM


HOT ITEM! 2,000+ sold in the last 30 days

11.11 Price: $23.03 (66% off)

6-in-1 Expander for a laptop / tablet that has a limited amount of USB-C inputs and/or a missing HDMI port.

Ugreen is a reputable manufacturer that has been around for years – there should be no concerns with the quality.


11.11 Price: starting at $4.25

Ever wanted to download the internet?

Well, now you might just be able to, with these mammoth 1TB Micro SD Card.

High-speed, high-capacity, and highly likely to outlast your phone, camera, and possibly you.

I’ve have Samsung cards from AliExpress – I run them in my dash and action cameras. Never had a bad experience with them!


11.11 Price: $7.42 (41% off)

Lenovo TWS Bluetooth Earphones are like having a personal concert in your ears.

Waterproof enough (IPX5) to jam out in the shower and with a mic so clear, you’ll be handing out autographs after your conference calls.


11.11 Sale Price: $284.99 (46% off)

These very well might be the highest quality earphones on AliExpress (apart from their ultra-premium $749 FX15 model).

As you may have noticed – they are wired, and this is for a very simple reason: wireless protocols are incapable of processing the sound at the quality that is going to match the quality of the good old silver-plated monocrystalline copper.

Of course, you’d want to also pick up one of their Hi-Fi players and/or a Tidal subscription.


11.11 Price: $10.82 (35% off)

Harness the power of the sun with this Solar Panel Charger.

It’s for the outdoor enthusiast who loves Mother Nature but also needs to keep their devices juiced up.

Camping trip or apocalypse, you’ll be powered up and ready to go.


11.11 Price: $1,276 (8% off)

If you were looking for a 3D printer, this is by far one of the best ones (or even the best one) that money can buy on AliExpress (I’ve seen enough Reddit posts to know what the community knows is good and what isn’t).

NOTE: The 11.11 discount is not that high compared to the regular price; HOWEVER – if you use coupons, you can knock off an additional $50 off with this coup0n: 15OT51

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