You are currently viewing 12 New Geeky gadgets you’ve been looking for – Vol. 17

12 New Geeky gadgets you’ve been looking for – Vol. 17

Geeky gadgets have been an integral part of our product selection for a long time and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. This was the first post I’ve ever made, and whether you’re new around here, or have been around since the beginning in 2014 (time flies, doesn’t it?) – it’s likely going to be among the most interesting and unique collections.

We’re quite happy with the product selections here, and we think that you won’t be disappointed!


Price: $33.74

Edifier ihas been around since 1996 it’s already well-known around the globe, and they have offices worldwide. It has been started by a group of audiophiles in Beijing who wanted to produce high-quality sound equipment with a low price tag.

I own a pair of their desktop speakers, and I love them, and everyone who experienced their quality says the same. These earphones come with 8 hours of playback, have Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX.


Price: $15.96

Who wouldn’t want to make their own shoe? Most people, actually. But this 951-piece set will bring out your inner child, and a true sneaker-head will not be able to resist.


Price: $10.94

You’ve always known you’ve had a little magic in you. Now, it’s time to prove to everyone you were right. Purchase this 11-piece wand set (or buy them individually to see which wand brings out the magic in you), and shows everyone you’re not crazy. Each wand is made out of metal and the design is marketed for beginners. Perfect considering you’re just a wee bit old to start at Hogwarts, so this will do.


Price: $7.66 + shipping

Smaller than you probably think it is – just the size of a regular name tag that you’d see on a waiter or a bank clerk. A unique thing, nonetheless. Programmable and customize-able, but only Latin letters are supported.


Price: $19.98

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to start buying gifts. Like this Tyrannosaurus Rex model puzzle.

Your digitally modern and video game-addicted teen will love to assemble this with you. It’s totally for them, not for you. You could assemble the 50 plastic pieces…while they pretend to watch.

It will be a memory that you will cherish forever because your kid won’t be paying attention. Not surprising, because who likes to hang out with dinosaurs anyway?


Price: $7.79+

A pen that will virtually never run out on you (well, eventually, it will, but it will take a while). Not only because it has no legs, but also because it does not use ink.

Magic? Possibly (But mostly the alloy used in the tip)


Price: $7.92

A miniature dollhouse DIY project – a few different ones to pick from. Makes for a great little Christmas decoration!


Price: $0.38+

Erasers shaped like little smartphones – what’s not to like?


Price: $1.79+

An upgraded version of cable holders with the rubber tips that are more prone to wear over time.


Price: $4.91

A poster from everyone’s favourite poster store – they use craft paper. A ton more different options available in the listing!


Price: $3.98

A minimalist magnetic holder for your smartphone. Comes with the panel itself, and 6 strong neodymium magnets that hold whatever metallic that you attach to them.


Price: $1.58

Check out these Spongebob Squarepants themed socks! Let everyone know you’re a mature adult by rocking Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star with your matching sneakers.

These crew-length summer and spring cotton socks are perfect for hiding your feet during the warmer seasons. Because between me you and Mr. Krabbs, we all know the Krusty Krab isn’t thing only crusty thing around.

Regardless, these socks are colorful and light-hearted – perfect for anyone looking to impress the 8-year-old next door.

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  1. Uri

    All links are broken (or almost all, at least magnetic holder and shoes)

    1. Admin

      Odd! Everything is loading for me. Are you getting a 404, or just a blank listing on Ali?

      1. Uri

        I was getting a 404, but now everything’s ok

  2. Tom

    Just bought one of those story book house things. Think my little girl will love it.

    1. Admin

      This is too cute Tom 🙂 Hope she likes it too!

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