$1 AliExpress Products with Free Shipping (VIDEO #3)

An ancient Chinese proverb says: good things aren't cheap, cheap things aren’t good. Little did they know, that the irony would be in the majority of cheapest things coming from China. Anyway, I can’t always agree with this statement. The magic of AliExpress is that you can find expensive things for cheap, and cheap things for even cheaper. And we are here to help you with that.

In this video we will show you 25 different things that you can get from AliExpress for $1 or less, including free shipping to most countries. As always, if you want to look at the things we show you more closely, all product links are listed below the video.

As promised, here are the product links:

Gun keychains – http://ali.ski/ANvm9
Card light – http://ali.ski/uzRxP
Phone / tablet stand – http://ali.ski/0_253
Ruler + calculator – http://ali.ski/WCEvV
Manual juicer – http://ali.ski/iRksN
Snake in a can – http://ali.ski/y-vOe
Plant stick – http://ali.ski/JN_0r
Glow in dark laces – http://ali.ski/IvBEuU
Crown tire cap – http://ali.ski/qTkjhS
Eyeglasses cleaners – http://ali.ski/6isENe
Wine bottle cap – http://ali.ski/ehUvyS
Toilet sticker – http://ali.ski/s42JT
Brain teasers – http://ali.ski/Vf2X_
Neck warmer – http://ali.ski/s_wLj
Tiger balm patches – http://ali.ski/13og8z
Romantic bear lip balm – http://ali.ski/dngygy
Panda sleeping mask – http://ali.ski/XDI_FV
Coin purse – http://ali.ski/7oWP1
Unicorn pin – http://ali.ski/lUiAxa (FREE e-Packet shipping)
World pendant – http://ali.ski/H0zGm
Handcuffs bracelet – http://ali.ski/l_po9
Silicone folding cup – http://ali.ski/XPOR16
BPA-free water bottle – http://ali.ski/0IcehD
Camping light – http://ali.ski/ZuN0xS
Chips pencil case – http://ali.ski/KwAcL_

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