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10 VERY popular things on AliExpress for UNDER $1 (Q1 2020)

People like seeing things that other people like to buy. I often go through the products that are purchased through my affiliate links, because it gives me a lot of insight on what the buyers want.

Today we are going to see the list of the best-selling things from the last 3 months that you can get on AliExpress for $1 or less.


Price: $0.55+

The first product today is these lovely pins.

We have a cat sitting behind the leaf, a dragonfly, a feather, a feather, a Jamaican maple, and a cat completely hidden behind the leaf.


Price: $0.56+

The second item is a selection of fridge magnets.

The best part about being an adult in the current day and age, is that you can decorate your fridge with any stupid magnet that you would like, and nobody would bat an eye.

I’ve recently started playing Fortnite (add me: DeepOnion420), and I have bought one in the middle because I like to loot my fridge in the middle of the night.


Price: $0.58 + shipping

The third item are these earrings.

They have been purchased over 1500 times, which tells me they are probably fashionable? I don’t know. They look cool, I guess.


Price: $0.61 + shipping

The next item is a set of not 5, not 10, but 45 stickers (per set) for scrapbooking and stickerbombing.

There is 12 different sets to choose from. My favourite ones are the first one and number 10 – check the listing to see them.


Price: $0.47 + shipping

The fifth item, believe it or not, pens.

These are quite hideous, in my humble opinion, but apparently there is at least 2323 people that will disagree with me. But, believe it or not, I am not responsible for their money (and I would argue that neither are they 😂).


Price: $0.53+

The sixth item is this beer opener ring.

It is possibly popular for people in quarantine who, with respect to efficiency, want to exclude an action of having to reach for the beer AND the beer opener, and would like to have this bottle opener that you can wear on your finger for convenience at all times.


Price: $0.28-0.48 + shipping

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so if you want to entertain yourself by looking at your feet, here are luminescent shoelaces.

They glow in dark, so you can put them on and sneak out without turning the lights on.


Price: $0.73 + shipping

I have not worn closed-toe high-heels for long enough, but I have a basic understanding of physics to be able to imagine that it might get a bit uncomfortable with the pressure that is being put on the toes from always sliding down.

These pads can, if ever so temporarily, help to ease it a bit.


Price: $0.49 + shipping

If you don’t like superheroes, you probably like science, and in the name of astronomy, here we have space pins with 7 different planets, the sun and the moon.

They can be a good reminder that if you don’t stop eating all the time, your stomach will get its own orbit 🤨


Price: $0.39+

The item number 10 are these space-related embroidery patches. They are iron-on patches, so you don’t have to sew them on.

There are 46 different designs to pick from, and some of them are actually quite cool.

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Pretty sweet things for $1 or less

It’s been quite some time since the last one dollar post, plus the 30 gadgets for $3 or less has been a main source for the views for the channel for the last little while, so I thought, why not make a separate post for the sub-1 dollar electronic gadgets?

Please keep your expectations proportionate to the price, though I have to say that these deals are going to be better than most of the stuff that you can find at your local dollar store.

Let’s begin!


If you already have cables that you care about, you can prolong their lifespan by using one of these wire retainer clips. These can be used for charging cables and earphones, on both the earbud portion and the end that inserts into the phone or into a music player. These will prevent your wires from bending at the place where most of the time the cables get damaged, which will keep the wire working longer.

If you have the original charging cables or expensive earphones, this is a cheap way to insure that they are going to last longer. This solution will also work with the cables that already started bending and ripping, to make them last for a little longer before the inevitable happens.


Generally speaking, OEM cables cost a lot of money, which is why they are a popular item to get on AliExpress. This is a very good deal on a cable, considering its quality and durability. The hard reinforced tip will prevent the cable from bending at an unusual angle, which will make it last a lot longer.

The shortest option costs less than $1, and there are all three major types of plugs available, even including iPhones.


If you look, you can also find a number of good and inexpensive phone cases. Cases such as these are usually sold by stores for an upwards of $7 dollars, which is a bit too much for something that simple. There are a lot of different phone models available, and a lot of pretty and colorful designs.

A lot more cases for other models in this AliExpress store.


Many new phones come with no 3.5mm AUX input, supposedly to save space and make the phones smaller or lighter, but it comes at a questionable price of not being able to use your regular favourite earphones with them. A selection of earphones with USB type-C input is limited, but this issue can be solved with a handy adapter like this.


If you have 2 pairs of ears, but only one music player, or 4 people, who are willing to use 1 earphone each, here is an earphone splitter. It comes with an insert that goes into the output, and it comes with a keyring for better portability.


This thing may look like a regular pen, and it is partially true. It does all the things that you expect a normal pen to do, but it also is a stylus. The tip on the back works with conventional touchscreens, which means you can use this groundbreaking technology to write and draw in both analogue and digital world. When the pen runs out of ink, the reservoir can be replaced, or you can simply throw the pen portion out and keep only the back tip.


OTG, or on-the-go smartphones can be used with different USB devices, for example with a mouse, a keyboard, a card reader, a gaming console, and so on. To connect them though you will need something like this small adapter. There are two options that you will see below: one for the USB-C devices, which is a faster USB 3.0 adapter, and one for the micro-USB, which is a regular older USB 2.0 protocol. There also is an option for slightly more than $1 with the keyring.


Cable holders for a more convenient way of carrying cables. Earphones and charging cables tend to form a tangly mess when transported, especially when you put 2 or more of them together, which is a big pain to untangle, especially on a regular basis. Here you get 4 durable silicone cable knots, for less than $1 dollar including the price of the shipping.


This is meant as a cable holder, which is their main use, but it goes a bit beyond that. There are two magnets to keep the cables together, which adds a few additional use cases. These can be used to attach things to whiteboards and other applicable surfaces, or as a temporary bookmark. You can get creative here, your fantasy is the only limit.


Here is a small portable LED light that can be used with your power bank. The strength of this light is approximately 120 lumen, which isn’t a lot, but will be enough to find your way around during camping or in a dark room. LEDs require a lot less power to run than conventional bulbs, which means it is not going to require that much power to run. It’s lightweight at only 7 grams or half an ounce, and it has a dedicated on/off switch.


This is a classic USB light, which I have a few of lying around. This one is more suitable for reading, as it is not as bright, and there are several LED’s in the bulb. The light is bendable so that you can put it in a more appropriate and useful angle. This light has a soft and smooth coating, and feels more expensive than its price.


Here is a wire holder that I have been using and recommending to you for a while. This thing can hold up to 5 wires for the easy access, so you can keep them plugged in and ready to be used at all times. It will also keep the cables away from the floor to avoid them being stepped on. The holder has a sticky pad on the back for the easy application, so you can remove the protective paper, stick it on and start using it.

If you haven’t bought one yet, get yourself a few, they are amazing.


On the off chance that you are into DIY electronics, AliExpress can be a good source for the different electronic components, the prices for which are said to be lower than getting them locally, except for the off chance that you live at the factory that makes them.


A simple USB card reader. These ones have almost 5,000 orders in this listing alone, and we have featured them in our very first $1 things video. This card reader supports 4 different types of cards, including SD and Micro-SD cards. There are a few different color available. There is virtually no difference between them, but the black and red ones are more than 2 times the price of the other ones.


Not exactly a gadget either, but here is a sweet deal on cable tires, which can be used for electronics, as well as many other household or automotive purposes. Longer ones are even used by the police and adventurous couples when there are no handcuffs available. Of course, they are easy to get out of. There are different lengths available here.

A 100-piece set of the shortest ones, which are 6 cm or 2 inches long, can be bought for $0.55.


If you want to keep your earphones even safer, here is a carrying case. It has a zipper on the size, and two protective walls on the outside. You can find either round or square options. Round ones are my preference, because they fit smaller and the lack of corners makes them more comfortable to carry around. One of the sides has a mesh pouch, which means you can carry two different wires in the same case without worrying about them tangling.


And here we have a wireless light. It comes with sticky tape pre-applied to the back. You peel them off, and attach the light to any surface wherever you might need it – inside a cabinet, in the washroom for night use, or above the bed for reading at night. It turns on by a simple touch, and works off 3 AAA batteries.

Hey there!

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15 Things for $1.99 or less

I want to remind everyone that next week we will have the 11.11 video with the best deals. You can already start reserve your coupons here. You can also get coins by adding products to the cart.

Now let’s get to the new items: 15 products that you can get from AliExpress for $1-something, or less. Let’s begin!

Fry pin (not sure if)

Not sure if the first item is worth the interest, here is Fry pin for $0.98 that has curiously been purchased over 200 times.

6 Pcs. sticker set

The second item today is a 6-piece sticker set for a laughable $0.01. It’s worth noting that the shipping is extra which in my case brings the total price to $0.85 but, damn, I was pretty surprised to see a 1-cent item in my affiliate portal.

Eye mask

The third item is, or are, these cute eye masks. Not as amazing as the Pepe mask from the previous video, but not bad at all and less than half the price of it. 4 Different options are available in the listing.

Doll keychains

The next item is doll keychains because why wouldn’t you want to have a little plush doll guard the integrity of your keys. If you are a big middle-eastern guy with a thick beard having one of these might save you from being selected for a random security check.

Imitation walnuts

Our next find is the imitation walnuts. If you color them they might work as a very inappropriate Halloween decoration, or you can even use them as they are for certain countries. Somebody on YouTube asked, why would you buy them if the real ones are cheaper? Fair point. But it's because these ones wouldn't rot/go bad.

Soap tray

A decent home decor item that is priced right – this leaf-shaped soap tray. The actual price is $0.98 and there are 3 color options to select from.


Another household item, fancy spoons long spoons because you need something to eat cake with for the duration of this winter. There actually are 3 different length options, the shortest one that is the cheapest is at the end of the listing.

Earring ends

If you wear earrings, I assume the ends of them get lost easily. That is why there is this pack of 100 for only $0.29. A pretty handy thing to have, if you ask me.

Netherlands coin

I’d like to stay away from judging other people’s hobbies as long as they don’t harm anyone. This is only one coin option from the store. There is a whole lot more different ones where it came from.

Paramount movies poster

Here is another neat item, a poster with the icons representing 100 years of Paramount movies, with the total of 100 movies. All icons are made in the same style, which I found pretty amusing.


If you were wondering on what else over 8000 people could spend their $0.98 on is 15 sticks of catnip. Please be aware that since this is AliExpress, please note that you might want to reconsider giving it to cats that you actually like.

Dish sponge

This is a dish sponge. This listing also comes with a built-in casino, because the only active color option is “select random color”. In case you are not sure how to use this sponge, please take a look at these helpful images.

Drain cleaner

Another invention that is nothing short of genius is this drain cleaner. I have one of these and it works relatively well. Please be aware that the next image might seem a little nasty but it shows what it is able to do. Moving on.

Single stickers

We have seen 50 and 100 pack of stickers many times, but in case you just want a single one, here is an option for just a few cents. There are several different prints that you can pick from the link in the description.

Pop socket

And if you suffer from dropping-the-phone-on-your-face syndrome, here is a fancy phone holder that can save you from looking like a Texan wife. It can also work as a phone stand as you can see from the pictures in the description. There is a lot of different print options in the listing.

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Things from AliExpress for $1 Or Less – Vol. 5

Feel like spending money, but don't wanna spend too much? We got you. This is the 5th part of the Cheapest AliExpress Products series, with the products that cost 1.99 or less. In this post you will see 13 different things that cost as low as a loaf of bread (or even less) in North America.

1 Dollar Things From AliExpress – Vol. 5


A wallet / credit card-sized LED lamp for emergencies. Great to have in case you suddenly feel uncomfortable with the lack of light around you.


Survival tool like this is handy for two reasons: one – it takes a small amount of space (it is roughly a size of a credit card) versus carrying multiple gadgets, and two – for $0.95 you get 11 different tools. We've seen survival tools in the previous $1 or less posts, but this is a new, updated design with the head (not eye) of the tiger.


Being environmentally-friendly is cool. Not only because it reduces the amount of pollution (plastic straws are 11th most found trash item in the oceans and they should be outright banned), but also because it keeps your wallet safe – the less you consume, the less you spend: as simple as that.


If your keys need a “pick me up”, you can pimp them out with these ancient weaponry tags.


If your keys already have a sweet tag but you still have a burning passion for the ancient weaponry, you can open your letters in a barbaric manner with these sweet-ass letter openers. Ka-pow!


Any self-respecting office worker (or maybe you always wanted a dog, but your life choices prevented you from having one) needs one of these retractable lanyards. Super convenient, and keeps you from always losing your cards.


A beer opener that looks like a key for the people who low-key like to crack open a cold one, but don't want to carry a conspicuous bottle opener on their keychains. As a bonus, you will always have a mysterious-looking key. Because opening a beer is in a way like opening a door…to happiness.


A hand grip to work out on the go or while you do other important tasks. It's like a fidget spinner for people who like to stay (or become) strong.


Resistance bands allow you to perform cardio and strength training. They are perfect for at-home use and lightweight for easy travel. They works entire muscle groups including smaller stabilizing muscles.


This item has no noticeable real use case as far as functionality goes, but if you need something other than a muscle shirt to say “look at me, I'm into fitness”, here is a dumbbell bracelet 🙂


Temporary tattoos have gotten popular among festival enthusiasts and as a form of makeup. They exist so you can make your bad decisions temporary. Comes from a person with a couple of real ones 😂


A sticky wall hook for a TV remote or whatever else that needs to be kept in one place, but always gets lost.


Skip out on the mess of having a garden while enjoying all of the benefits with these artificial succulent plants. Bring a flourish of outdoor charm to your indoor life with this artificial plant pot. No watering, just periodic cleaning to keep them fresh!


A timeless clucking classic. Not much else needs to be sad. I'm getting 3 10 of these.

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