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How To Change AliExpress From Russian To English

Is your AliExpress front page suddenly displaying in Russian?

Don't worry! It's really easy to fix.

IMPORTANT: If your homepage is displaying in any other language than Russian, the instructions are here

How to change AliExpress from Russian to English

1. CLICK HERE to to Regional Settings page

2. In the middle, switch the country, language and currency to the language of your choice

Since the page is still in Russian, you will need to choose by the flag. The easiest way to get it to show in English is to select the 1st option in the country field (Australia), and changing it to something else after the page updates (instructions here).

3. Click ‘Save' button

4. A warning may be displayed. You will want to click ‘Yes'.

And that's it! If you want to save more money on AliExpress, make sure to read our FULL GUIDE ON AliExpress SAVINGS