2020 AliExpress 11.11 Sale: ULTIMATE GUIDE

This 2020's AliExpress 11:11 sale is expected to be the biggest one yet. The clock is ticking, and the Single's Day shopping festival is getting closer day by day.

If you're new to AliExpress, or haven't heard about the 11.11 sale deals yet, here is an “ELI5” explanation:

  • Singles' Day (Chinese: 光棍节) sale is an unofficial holiday event, where the single life is being celebrated for what it is – plenty of disposable income
  • Daniel Zhang (CEO of Alibaba group) has declared it November 11 (or 11.11 on the calendar) the day, where the platforms they operate will provide the biggest discounts of the year, and other similar platforms shortly followed the example
  • 11.11 Sale has overtaken the dollar amount of goods sold in 2019 has broken $38 Billion USD in 24 hours

2020 AliExpress 11.11 Sale FAQ

When: November 11, 12 AM – Nov 12, 11:59 PM Pacific Time (total of 48 hours)

Where: AliExpress.com ⬅️

Why: to celebrate the Singles Day event, and get the biggest discounts of the year

In this ULTIMATE ALIEXPRESS 2020 11:11 SHOPPING GUIDE we will cover: how to get the best sale deals, how to save additional money by using coupons, we will show the biggest discount deals, best AliExpress cashback service, and as a bonus: how to save even more money with our special secret weapon 😉


The easiest way to save money during the 11.11 sale (apart from the existing discounts) are coupons. There are 3 types of coupons on AliExpress:

  1. AliExpress coupon
  2. Select coupon
  3. Store coupon

AliExpress coupons

aliexpress 11.11 coupon

AliExpress coupons are the best coupon type out of the three.

They are colored in red and have jagged edges. These coupons are provided by AliExpress, and come out of their marketing budget. They apply to the whole order, depending on the total amount. These coupons are provided from playing games, or by visiting the coupon center. Certain accounts (Platinum and Diamond – depending on how much money you spend annually on AliExpress) have them preloaded to the accounts.

You can check if you have any AliExpress coupons here.

Select coupons

select aliexpress coupon

Select coupons are half red/half white.

Select coupons are provided by AliExpress, but they are not accepted by all stores. They are mostly useless, as they are only accepted by a small number of stores. These are the type of coupons that can be exchanged for coins from playing games in the coupon center. From my experience, unless you are a hardcore enthusiast, there is really no point wasting time on these. The payout is very small.

You can check your select coupons balance here.

Store coupons

aliexpress store coupon

Store coupons are a loyalty / intro offer from individual stores.

These are a hit or miss. If you are buying a lot of things from a single store, definitely check the store page first before paying. Often times they offer 5-10% off the entire order, if the amount reached the threshold (usually $50+). It's definitely better than nothing. Usually, the store coupons are available year-round, however the bigger brand stores offer special ones for 11.11 and other sales.

You can check your store coupon balance here.


best cashback aliexpress

If you are not using cashback apps, you're just leaving the money on the table for the other person to grab. Seriously.

I highly recommend using BackIt by EPN. I've stayed away from using cashback for so long because I didn't trust them, but I've looked more into EPN, and it was surprisingly good.

Cahsback services make money with the affiliate program from AliExpress. It doesn't make the product price more for the buyer, but the more purchases go through the EPN's affiliate account, the more % AliExpress pays them. They keep 1-2% for themselves, and give the rest to the buyer. It's a win-win.

Usually, you will get 5.5 – 12% from each product (and sometimes up to 90%, if you are lucky enough to come across a generous seller).

Cashback offers are activated by either installing the browser extension (for desktop users), or installing the app (for mobile users). Before you buy something you need to activate cashback by clicking the link in the extension or the app. That's it – super simple. One click will give you 3 days of cashback. After 3 days, just click it again.

Cashback Extension (for desktops)

Cashback App (for mobile users)


AliPrice (or any other price tracker of your choice) saves prices of items before the sale, and you can see the historical graph to verify if the discounted price is real, or if it is artificially inflated to drop on the sale date.

There are a lot of items with fake sale prices. There also are a lot of them with real sale prices.

Be smart. Use caution. Use coupons. Also, use price trackers and cashback apps.

Get AliPrice Extension to track prices on AliExpress


aliexpress bonus buddies

Bonus buddies is a program to invite new users to AliExpress. But it works if you just share the link with others, and click other peoples' links. Both parties get a small increase from the link being clicked.

I'm not 100% sure how that makes sense, but I've made $130 from sharing my link. I'm yet to claim the bonus, as the threshold I've selected is $160.

Here is my link, click it and get yours to share with others. 

*Works in the AliExpress app only


As an AliExpress affiliate, I got access to the 11.11 biggest discounts product list. 

The list has over a 1000 products, and it is split in 27 categories. The list can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Access the AliExpress 2020 11.11 secret sale list


  1. Moja November 13, 2020 at 8:21 am

    This article was great! Thank you so much! A few questions. Now Ali is doing extended sales after 11/11 for two days but I’m don’t see the sale price so I’m not sure. Could you explain what this extended sale after 11/11 is? It’s from the 13-14th I guess.

    Also, Aliprice doesn’t seem to have a good review . Is there any alternative?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Admin November 13, 2020 at 5:11 pm

      Thank you! I am not aware of the extended sale – what I see right now is just some stores that haven’t changed the product images yet (probably busy packing and sending the orders out 😃). AliPrice is a good plugin, I’ve used it without any issues, but if you’re compelled – there is Price Archive. I’ve never used it though.


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