You are currently viewing 17 Things UNDER $8 that ALL basic girls will love!

17 Things UNDER $8 that ALL basic girls will love!

AliExpress is a great source for pretty much anything that is Made in China, which is where most of the mass market products are produced nowadays. But it can be a little confusing and hard to navigate, and some deals only seem good on the surface but what you get might be different from what you expected.

So to make things easier, we picked the absolute bestselling products with tons of user feedback and from trusted vendors. This list is packed with the best deals for products with prices much lower than at your local stores. You don’t have to wait for the sale season – we found items that are always priced as a great bargain!

No impulse buys. This is a “Useful Things Only” zone.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS (80,000+ orders)

Price: $1.19  – 1.69 + FREE shipping

If you have ever bought eyelashes, you know that they are expensive. This seller offers 37 different styles, and the average listing out of tens of thousands orders is 4.7 stars!


Price: $3.44 + FREE shipping

These aesthetic lights run off of 2xAAA batteries, and they are 16 cm (a little larger than 6″) tall. We’ve seen them on Amazon for as high as $22 – but here they can be bought for much cheaper than that.


Price: $1.39 – 2.80 + shipping

Faux sheepskin rugs: much cheaper than Ikea (also, more size and color options!)


Price: $2.85 – 4.98 + FREE shipping

String lights that work from a USB plug. The set comes with 50 transparent clips for photos, and the length varies from 2 to 10 meters (7 to 32 ft.)


Price: $1.66 + FREE shipping

One thing that you can’t have too many of is hair elastics – they always get lost or torn. With this set of 50 you can never run out of them, and the best part: they’re dirt cheap (less than $0.03 per piece)!

You can get them all in the same color, or get a mixed set.


Price: $6.69 – 7.99 + FREE shipping

Organize all your knick-knacks with these Nordic-style shelves. The wooden plank comes included!

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Price: $0.62 – 0.72 + shipping

If you’re looking for a truly versatile sponge to blend powder, cream and liquid makeup, look no further! These beauty sponge effortlessly contours, highlights, and applies blush – all in one go.


Price: $2.26 + FREE shipping

Buying cosmetics from China can be risky, as you may have seen in Netflix documentaries, but not all of it is bad: this listing has 30,000+ orders, and 10,000 users have rated them with an average of 4.8 stars!

The listing has 12 different color options to choose from.


Price: $1.40 – 1.57 + shipping

We couldn’t believe how cheap the jewelry is on AliExpress! These ring sets (some have up to 14 different rings), all for a price of less than $2 with shipping.

Out of the 48 styles you will definitely not be able to resist buying one – or a few since they are so affordable.


Price: $2.55 + FREE shipping

Cute gloves with a little extra: they work with all touchscreen devices, so you won’t have to remove them to take photos and send text messages.

There is 28 different designs, but watch out for the 2 of them on the bottom that are not touchscreen-friendly (marked accordingly on the picture).


Price: $7.58 + FREE shipping

A very cute beanie + scarf sets available in a variety of colors, or you can get just the beanie for $4.58!


Price: $4.04 + FREE shipping

A large triangle scarves that can easily be styled with most fall/spring outfits. They are made from a blend of cashmere and acrylic, and this listing has 44 different prints.


Price: $1.72 + FREE shipping

A simple buckle belt shouldn’t be expensive. This listing has over 30,000 orders, and a 4.7-star rating with over 10,000 reviews and real user feedback pictures (example above).

The belt comes in 8 different colors, and the length is 100 cm/a little over 3 ft.


Price: $3.72 + FREE shipping

You have likely seen these teeth whitening lights advertised on Instagram under various brand names, but in reality most of them are just resellers and dropshippers. This item has the best feedback, and the lowest price for a perfect smile!


Price: $1.24 + FREE shipping

These copper lights will apt for both indoor and outdoor settings. They don’t overheat, after hours of use they are completely safe to touch without risk of burns – a perfect decoration for any room.

And on AliExpress you can buy them starting at $1.24 – that’s about 80% cheaper than Amazon!


Price: $4.99 + FREE shipping

These lights produce an illusion of a 3D effect when you look at them from the front. The acrylic piece goes inside the LED base, which you tap to turn it on. There is 11 different designs in this listing, and you can find many more in suggested products.


Price: $5.09 + FREE shipping

The letterboxes have been a trending product for a while, with some stores selling them for as high as $65!

Each lightbox comes with 90 letters, which should be enough to comprise the perfect inspiring quote.

We find the best trending products on AliExpress with some of the lowest prices that you can find online.

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